Everyone wants a free RV … but can you tell us why you think you deserve one?

The Epic Contest Giveaway is finally here — and so is your chance to win the ultimate RV. Rock My RV host and legendary rocker Bret Michaels and his handpicked, insanely talented design/build team, consisting of Bodie Stroud and Jake Scott, have been working tirelessly, rocking out 1 very special RV just for you.

Submit a short video, between Monday, June 3, and Monday, July 15, telling Bret why you deserve to win this luxury RV. The winner will be revealed during a 1-hour special on Sunday, Sept. 1.

Here are a few tips to help you “rock” your video submission:

* Don’t be shy! Let us see your personality.

* Music is always a great addition — just make sure it’s an original song.

* Get the whole family involved, even the dog. The more the merrier!

* Go all out! Don’t be afraid to use props and costumes.

Plus, come back each week to see an exclusive video of Jake and Bodie adding more and more spectacular amenities to your RV.

RV for the contest provided by Camping World. Visit Camping World for all of your RV and outdoor needs!


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49 Responses

  1. Colleen Tovar says:

    Sooooo excited!!!!!! Bret you are the best to offer this contest!!!! XOXO I cannot wait to send in our submission!

  2. Adam says:

    This is such an amazing opportunity for a select few. Thank you Camping World, Thank you Travel Channel, Thank you Brett, and Thank you all the behind the scenes staff for making this a possibility. I wish, you have no idea how badly I wish, I could send in a video for the possibility of getting a "rockin rv", but my RV is 800 miles away stuck in MN while IM stuck in SD working for the summer. With that 12 day deadline I don't have a chance at going home to make a video & get back here to keep my job. Wish I could cuz I have been on the hunt for an RV for 3 years to suit a lifestyle like mine. I even bought one a couple years ago with the intention of gutting it and rebuilding it myself, but after getting a transmission that wouldn't stop leaking I pulled it. Replaced all the gaskets and had a professional rebuild it clean it up and re-installed it myself with no help or any prior experience, but when I started it and moved it it still had the same slow drip drip leak so I flew the white flag & it hasn't moved since. I called friends and family to make the video for me but you know how that goes. If its not going to help them priority aint very high. So I suppose if there is any way I can enter without a video this is my entry.

    1978 Dodge Class C 35 foot RV

  3. Andre Brundage says:

    My husband and I live in a 84 Terry bumper bull 34 ft. across the srteet from my dad and my 99 yr old grandma who will be 100 in August and we take care of her. Right now we are haveing to stay at my grandma’s cause our air isn’t working and we don’t have water to it or sewer to it, we would be honored if you would pick us for I am am on disability and thats the only income we have. Thanks for your time

  4. DONALD HEROD says:

    Mr. Michaels…Frankly we don't deserve to win the Epic RV giveaway. A year in Southeast Asia in 1973 showed me and a bout with cancer in 1999 reminded me that there are far more deserving people than my wife and I in the world today. However, I'd like to sincerely ask your help in giving our rig an RV makeover to surprise my wife with next year. I retired from the Air Force in February 1992 as an E-6. I'll retire again from the Department of Defense in April 2014. After retirement, as long as our health permits, we plan to nearly full time travel in our rig, a 2004 Holiday Rambler 5th wheel camper and 2006 GMC Sierra pickup that we dearly love. In 40 years of Air Force and government service, my wife has never complained once about all of my job related moves. We've both had our bumps in the road with our health and again she's never once complained. We have a nice rig sir. But I'd like to take her into retirement and our anticipated travels with a luxury makeover of our rig. She deserves it. Thank you for the good work you do. We truely enjoy your show.

  5. Jim Hoang says:

    Hi Bret is the start on this show. The show is the best show of all. My family and I we all enjoys so much with the Travel Channel for years, can't live with out it nowadays.
    We got an old RV thinking it would be cheap for posing up our self, but it not because we know nothing about RV. The more we work on it the worth it get, one thing to another. This would be a big challenge if Bret and his crew can do if they can bring this back alive. I will donate it to any of his pavorite Charity of his chooce
    It is a 1984 Chevy Patfinder 30' class A motorhome running conditions
    Just can wait to see the next show
    God bless us all

  6. linda williams says:

    mr micheals
    I can not make a video for a chance to win the luxury rv. I am asking for you help if possible in giving our camper some help. my husband is a disable vet.i know you here sob stories frequently,so this is probably just another story to you. we got so far behind when my husband was not able to hold a job any more he lost his truck.so when he got his disability started he bought a used truck and he wanted a camper. he prefers not to be in crowds so a camper was the logic getaway for us we could only afford a fema trailor on our budget. a lot of campgrouds discriment against these. so our camping is limited he has post traumatic stress so big crowds are out of the question for vacation like amusement parks. im asking could you please fix our camper to be a little nicer he has done what we can to up gade but I really could use your help he does not know im doing this he would be to proud thank you for your consideration

    linda Williams

  7. Four years ago I was diag with an uncommon condition called Charia malformation 1. This condition causes loss of use of one side even both for some. The condition is that the lower lobs of my brain is sitting in my spinal cord blocking the flow of fluid from the brain which caused a sist to grow inside my spinal cord pressing on the nerves. Being a self employed hair stylist and gourmet food producer in Maine being put out of work for nine months took its toll. After a long brain surgry and much time getting back on my feet I thought things were looking up to have my husband get diaged with bladder cansir at the age of 52 we just could not belive that two hard working all our life people would be dealt all this. we met at age 19for me and21for my husband got married have two grown kids and have dreament of traveling the united states our whole 33 years of marriage when that all came crashing down with just one word cansir. the average survial rate for bladder cansir 5 years. Some live as much as 15 years.The average age to get this cansir 65 and older. My husband got diag age 52. We have always been camping people with the dream of driving this great country in a rv. I made a decision out of the blue that life is short and went and bought an rv. It is a 1995 Newmar prime in its day with only 10000 miles but had taken on a lot of water damage with a strong mold smell. We had it bleached and the mold oder is better. It is in good shape but needs areal face lift. we currently have it parked in a campground so that I have a place to stay while doing out side events selling my gourmet food. We have dreams of traveling around to sell my products but this good old rv needs Bret and his owsome team to rock our RV.

  8. David Alexander says:

    My wife and I dont have an RV but camp every chance we get with our four children. I lost my job and had to take a pay cut to help provide for the family. My family and I love camping just can't afford to buy a RV and would put it to good use. My wife and kids really deserve a nice vacation that we would takenif we win the RV. God bless …

  9. Karin Kempher says:

    Hi Brett: For years I've been saying that if I could spend one day with a celebrity of my choice it would deffinately be you. We recently purchased a 32 foot Pace Arrow that is a money pit. It is 30 years old. We are not wealthy people, but decided it was time we start enjoying our "older" years. Dylan, our 7 year old, loves to run the length of the RV. He thinks it's very "Cool" We are just happy that he is healthy now since he was diagnosed type 1 just before Christmas. If you and your team could help us out we would love to meet you. We would be happy if it went down the road without worries.
    Thank you.
    Karin Kempher

  10. Kathy says:

    Brett, I am on disability, have copd and numerous other health problems. I have to live with my ex-husband as i can't afford anything else and he charges me, seriously. I am 58 years old, I don't have a video camera and i have my dogs. I know they aren't great for my breathing problems but I love them and they stay come hell or high water. Its so hot in this mobile home right now its unreal. I really would like to have an RV and it could be one that you have totally messed up, I wouldn't care as long as it was mine and my dogs. I have Miss Maggie my bassett, Lady my pomeranian, and Flucie my shih-tzu, she is a flucie too! You may get this and you may not. I love listening to my music, mostly classic Rock and stuff from when I was young and crazy lol. The 60, 70, and 80s. I can't listen to my music here like i like, I like it loud but the old grinch doesn't like anything. Well thats my story dude and i'm sticking to it, boring as my life may be, I'm happy with my babies! I love your show!

  11. seabeedaddy says:

    Hello, i really enjoy the show. i watch all car related shows. i have restored many in my time and know i have a 1979 champion moterhome. it needs a new interior and i would love to be on the show. i am in the navy and it is hard for me to find the time to work on it as i have to keep traveling every so often for training. my family loves to camp and they have not had the chance to do it in a moterhome. _thanks for your time god bless

  12. Bud Tucker says:

    Bret, you have a great show and I watch you as often as I can. I am a wounded warrior from the Viet Nam error. I also served in the Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. My job in the military was a CrewChief/Gunner on Huey gun ship Helicopters. I purchased a 1995 used Country Coach Magna 38 ft. long diesel pusher some years back with the hope of making it a reminder to all veterans who see it going down the highway and the people of our great nation. I've worked on it when I can but do to my injuries it has been slow. I'm older now and am starting to get slower. It would be a honor to have some input from you as to how I can achieve this. I'm not asking for anything free I just want some guidance from a pro. I know this RV could be something special and make or veterans proud when they see it. Eventually when I'm gone it would be great to have it displayed in a museum or military base where it would continue to honor those who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice. I hope to hear from you but if not I understand. Regards

  13. Pat heath says:

    My Rv isa 1987 ai

    airstream we love it but it needs help

  14. Theresa Modigh says:

    Hi !! Bret, I have been a fan of travel channel became boring after all this years, then came you.. different and exciting. now i can't wait to turn my tv on to watch your show. I do have sad stories just like the above who post their comment, but it's too long to post and for u and your staff to read. I am a Registered Nurse work in the Coronary Intensive care unit ( Senior Citizen) after a 12 long hours/day. taking care of sick patient iam looking forward on my day off. to rejuvenate for the next working days. We travel as long as we can afford on our 1984 Prowler trailer. it is old as i am. i love my trailer despite of it's ancient history. can you bring her out to her former glory or better, she need a major facelift , like Joan River. you will make one of my many many many dreams come true…. just this, good luck to your new show …. hope you stick around for good AMERICA and me loves RVING.

  15. Lesley R. says:

    Hi Brett, I would love to enter my friend Annabelle in your contest but I have to find a way to make the video. A little over a year ago I took her to the hospital to have her thyroid removed, it should have been a simple operation except that they found a 5cm tumor that turned out to be stage 4 esophageal cancer. At 39 years old and never having smoked it was very uncommon. She has had a very challenging life, born in the USA with a father in the service, her mother was from the Philippians. The marriage did not last and her mother returned to the Philippians with Annabelle and her sister at an early age, they lived a very poor life style. They never saw their father and she always wanted to find him. When she was old enough she decided to join the Navy or Air Force (not sure which one), to see if she could somehow track down the records of her father and find him. Someone heard her story and helped her track him down, they reunited only to have him pass away from esophageal cancer in 2009, her mother also passed away from ovarian cancer. At some point prior to this she met a man and married him only to have him leave her for someone else, putting her into a severe depression. After a year of many hospital visits, chemo/radiation, feeding tube and a chemo port I am happy to say her tumor has been shrunk to 6mm. At one point she was down to 85lbs, now she is at a huge 95lbs. The reason I am asking for her to receive this RV is because she is about to lose her home to foreclosure. Her dream has always been to travel around the country with her german shepard (Thor) and her cat in an RV. Her story has many more challenges than I have listed, she is a really good person and I cannot think of anyone more deserving.

  16. OnDaRoad says:

    Woot! Have a torn knee ligament but gonna try & still get a video in by the deadline. Golda the Adventure Dog & I would really appreciate having Bessie rocked!

  17. EDPM Roofing says:

    it really awesome to submit my video here :-)

  18. Mark Pearce says:

    Well I have to say that I just love camping and spending time with my family. I also watch a lot of TV because I am disabled and don't feel much like getting out all the time. My wife teaches school in our community. I am 49 years old and have not worked in eleven years. But eight years ago we got a gift from God and blessed us with a son. I stayed home and raised our son from almost day one, diaper changing and all. Don't own a motor home but I do have a step van that I have been working on for local outdoor camping trips. My van is kind of nice and almost ready for off road adventures. My vans only problem is the interior is not exactly wife or kid friendly. Wish I could post a picture for you guys. My son is in Boy Scouts and loves going in the woods observing animals of all kinds. It's really nice to see the show redoing older motorhomes for folks who otherwise can't really afford to finish them on their own. In my opinion camping is the best way to keep a family happy and stress free. Love the show!

  19. Michelle says:

    Love the show…of course Bret you are so sweet and I enjoy watching you. We really need a RV that is handicap accessible, to get in and move around safely. Large shower for a wheelchair, or rollaters to move in. Shower with a drop down seat. Sleeps 4-6 elderly adults. We r ready to rock and roll the country in this rocked out rv you design for us….rock on fellow PA ER ….

  20. Amy Merrill says:

    I have an awesome idea for a video, I hope it works for me! Super excited about this contest!

  21. robert shunk says:

    Hi Bret, I like your show and can't believe what you can do to some of those RV's I have a 1995 Dammon and only have 1700 miles on it, I was a single parent and my son and I would go out camping on my weekends off, however mostly close to home, I have had the side fixed do to water damage in 2005, and I lost my job, and had two work 2 full time jobs to make up the difference, so have not really used it much but now I am married and sold my house and just want the wife and I to be able to travel, however it is in ruff shape and needs some help,

  22. BOBBI says:


  23. Keith Horn says:

    Hey Bret This is Keith Horn Your Old Driver!! While Rat Took A Little Time Off!!! Man I Love What You Are Doing With These Rvs! I Would Love For You To Put some style On My Mom and Dads Rv!! Who Knows The Road Like You Do? And Knows What It Takes To Be Comfy out there!! I Miss You Brother!! And Love You!!! And Most Of All!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!

  24. Angelina says:

    Hi Bret, Just saw your show amazing . Would love to get an RV. But cant afford one. Then saw your contest well hear is my chance. I have 3 kids and a husband that works very hard. We love to go camping , its something my daughter Shaina loves to do. But the problem is she has real bad arthritis. She is in a wheelchair for 15 years now. And tent sleeping with air mattress sleep is difficult and painful. Plus when its cold she has a lot of pain. She is happy when we go but we don't go because of the sleep conditions for her. having an RV will not make her arthritis go away but it can help her forget about it when we go camping she has been through so much would love to see your happy again we will submit a video. thank you for your time

  25. Sean Jordan says:

    Your show is great and nice to see that you all go beyond the limit to create aw-sum rides. I never see any trailers on the show. I have the perfect trailer for the show I got my hands on a 1951 Spartan 36' I believe to be a royal. I planed to fix it up,yet as it sits gutted I suffered a accident resulting in a knee replacement and recently had a heart attack at 36 I now say every day is a holiday as long as you are blessed with the ability to wake up and walk. So how would I go about getting my camper trailer on your show.. Sean

  26. C.ROGERCARROLL says:

    We are an all volunteer group helping Disabled Homeless Veterans the Camper would enable us to take these Veterans places they would never be able to go Thank You Bret and your Team GOD BLESS YOU

  27. Christine says:

    Dear Brett.. I could tell you our sorted story but everyone has one.. Ill spare you the details.. just know we'd reallllllllllllllllllly appreciate this amazing gift if we are chosen. We are currently in a 1996 Coleman pop up with an 8month old, 5 year old and 80 pound dog lol definitely time for an upgrade..

  28. Joshlaw says:

    Hellos rock my RV with Bret . my family and I are submitting this video for a chance to win a R.V for my wife's parents. In 2003 they lost there son to a double lung transplant. then shortly after they lost there business , house, cars, everything. But they always keep fighting to come back .working hard and never feeling sorry for themselves. unfortunately tragedy stuck again and my wife their daughter was diagnosed with the same incurable lung disease that required a bilateral lung transplant. After already losing their son to this they abandon everything they had worked so hard for and moved 300 miles to be close and help her. Heathers dad is borrowing his parents old RV and they have been living in it for a year.
    Heather just received her double lung transplant June 26 and she is making a great recover. Her parents plan on living in the RV for another year till she is completely out of the woods. They will the start rebuilding what they had to abandon all over again. I think that this would be such a great gift for them for be able to live in a nice RV then we could use it for family road trips. I believe they deserve something like this, they have always given their everything and this would be such a blessing for them. For more information go to jmichaelarts.com and heatherslungs.com

  29. Teresa says:

    I have a 1988 Jamboree Rally that we bought brand new, we ate, slept and cooked together! Heard you 're commercial on the radio and felt it was fate, a sign, just maybe I'd get my motor home back for my baby girls and me, My husband and I bought it for our family trips to Three Rivers. .Camping, talking, eating and playing together. We used to go with family and friends, After we adopted my nephew, we added the Rincon in Ventura, close so his daughter could meet us from Golita. As our families grew, they brought their kids. I got a soft tub for an anniversary and we were the talk of the walk for a few years! As Dr, Phil says "Deal Breakers" can break a marriage, he was a deal breaker. The older kids moved on, I lost my oldest son in a car accident. They were three months pregnant with a little Angle she named for my son. I would drive up to Oregon 3-5 times a year to my little guy!! My older guys were always the best co-pilots, my youngest was my cherry life saver, he called himself by now!!! My older son called the "Oldies" Camping Music." Put a cassett in the deck and we new all the words, even by the camp fire! Those were wonderful happy times! I want to be able to share moments like that with my girls, they love to sing and dance!! They have their whole life and with my disabilities motor home camping wouldn't be so hard and we could make it girly for them.
    I drove my Mauve interior when ever and where ever, taught myself to drive it so I could do my walk abouts!!! The only thing that kept that marriage afloat for awhile! I drove from Saugus, Ca. taking my kids and my sisters two, up to Oregon, picked up that sister with her three, than to Utah to get another sisters three kids, and off to Colorado to see our mom, grandma and aunt.
    Lost my older son when they were three months pregnant, in a truck accident, you really don't know what something like that will do to a body, a brain and your heart! My Angel and my Cherry Life Saver were always there for me! Oregon was a healing point for me. My sister was also ill and she needed me.
    Drove from Saugus, Ca., to Grants Pass Ore. for a one month vacation to stay on the Rogue River. Took my cherry life saver co-pilot and my two Golden Retrievers, stayed six months. My Angel was with us most of the time, he learned to walk in that old motor home. I had no idea how healing it was for me? We do have video of the river and all the family that came for my cooking!!!
    It was time to go home, I really tried to stay! So we headed back down North, with thirteen puppies!! That was something I will never do again, I had freezer paper everywhere!
    My trips got fewer and father apart, broke my heart. The times I could go up, I brought the little guy down just before the Three Rivers trip. We met some friends that went to the Rincon, so we started to go there, the river trips eventually stopped for me. (Deal Breakers) The kids just didn't fit into those vacations anymore, I'd stay at the beach as long as I could, with just us, we were doing great!!
    I got hurt at my job, three boys attacked me over a skate board. My back, both my hands and my back have left me in pain, so my trips have slowed. I don't see my grandson as often anymore.
    The divorce left the motor home to me! He has his boat, 58 pan and his 34 coupe! But he has taken the motor home and has made a complete mess of it! The side door had a leak in the window, now it is so bad you can't shut the door! He has it tied to the kitchen table that folds down into a bed?
    He has crashed the cab over from the middle completely to the other side and DUCK tapped it? The rain has dry wrought both the door and his DUCK tape, which he said did it self? So the critters just run free!
    I am a 58 year old single mother of two little girls, Camila, 3 and Bella, 1. I have adopted Camila and in the process for Bella.
    I wanted to die when I saw the condition, how could I even attempt to try to use it? It looks like it is slowly moving to the Big White Elephant burying grounds!
    So between lack of upkeep, TLC and fixing the problems, it isn't safe or clean or even fun looking for my little girls to even have an afternoon tea party.

  30. Gabby says:

    Im a hasemeyer kid and my famile deserver an RV becase my parents have really been through a lot such as my dad he has a hurt back and has to get a knee replacement for next year becase of all the pain hes in. And my mom , she has a hurt back and knee we just got over a loss in January , my grandma died from a disease called Alzheimers. My parents bc ave been through a lot and have been parenting for 25 yeares. They adopted 10 and had three of there own, including 6 amancipated youth. I know this shouldof been done sooner but im just now getting to do it!! PLEASE PICK US BECASE WE DONT HAVE AN RV AND IT WOULD MAKE FAMILY TRIPS WAY EASIER AND BETTER

  31. Burris says:

    So bummed! We were going to submit a video, but were on vacation and didn't get home until after the deadline on Tuesday the 16th. :(

  32. Mcoartney says:

    I Missed the an entry date, but I would like to submit an entry to qualify for a " Rock my R V" TV show. How do we apply and do you come to Northern CA?

  33. Ernest Hale says:

    Mr. Michaels,
    I know that you have a ton of sob stories and don't need any more so I'll try not to make this one of them. My Wife and I own an old 69 Santafe camper trailer, it's not pretty but we own it out right. Now I work out of town and usually don't have a good place to stay and I have no way of making a video so I will hope this makes it to you and you will consider this an entry. My family loves camping and traveling and would love the chance to travel in a custom RV presented to us by Bret Michaels….. We are huge fans and was blessed to be able to see you in concert in Grand Junction Co. at Rock Jam….(Might I say one Hell of a show) It would make our year if we would be able to show up at Rock Jam in a RV made for us by the legendary Brett Michaels…. and I would be able to stay in it when I work out of town 28 days. Please consider us for the RV.. Much Respect and God Bless….

  34. Mary says:

    Hey Bret, I just seen the RV contest. I had sent a letter a couple of weeks ago asking for help. I lost my husband just over a year ago right before Christmas. My son was 13 at the time and he has a birthday coming up in August. I started classes on-line just a month and a half after my husband passed away and just graduated this June. Needless to say, the past year has been very hard on me and my son. We do not travel in our RV, it is our home. We have been living in it for over a year now and it needs some help. The side has been wrecked on one side all the way down (not by us), we have no air-conditioning, the floors are falling in, we have no hot water. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful that we have a place to live, but it sure would be nice if we didn't have to go the public bath-house to take showers or to use the bathroom. My son and I sure love to have these things repaired in the memory of his daddy because he passed away here with us and we don't want to have to leave our home. The Fish Family

  35. Sarah Trahan says:

    Good Afternoon Bret,
    I can not make a video for a chance to win the luxury RV. I am asking for you help if possible in giving a way just a small RV .. my husband of 20 yrs and 11 kids was a disable man and past away 2yrs ago …As one of dreams that he wanted to do was travel and see everything..But unfortunately we could never come up with the exert money to buy one …I know you here sob stories frequently so this is probably just another story to you. we got so far behind when my husband was not able to work …so when he got his disability..That took 8yrs to get ..He past 2 years later …he wanted a camper then but became very sick and died ..We never did get a chance to travel …And after that I had to file Bankrupt and lost every thing that we worked so hard to get..So what Im asking is just a lil help ….to for fill a dream of my late husband …Thank Sarah

  36. jamie says:

    hello it would make my day to suprise my soul mate…. we have three boys an we just had our lil girl on the first of july he loves his family an does everything he can he works more then he gets to spend time with us he is a family man but works in the oil field an he wants to take our children on a vacation he is the type of man if u need the shirt off his back he will give it to you we help any body an every one an every time we do some thing falls apart on us we try an try… we get 50 yards ahead then we get kicked 100 yards back you would make our children happy so much happier we have a camper its so old an it needs alot done to it an just not enough room you would make our him so happy an our children happy to be able to go with him much more he stays on the road more then he does at home thank you so much for ur time

  37. Roslyn says:

    Hi Mr. Michaels, just wemt on your website and I'm really disappointed that the deadline has passed. Will you aand camping Rv do this again? My hudband and I have agreat idea that we would like to do. I am an on location photographer and I just watched your show where you rocked Dave Cuts mobile barber shop. I would love to get a RV to have my photography studio inside. My business name is Trinity Studios, where a smile increases your face value. Even though I'm not able to purchase a Rv at this time could you tell me what is the most cost effective for started out to purchase. We love the new Solera by a division of forest river. Thanks foryour time and all you guys do. My husband and I love you guys. You guys are the best. Clemmons NC

  38. Paul says:

    I hope the Travel Channel brings this back next year!

  39. We got an old RV thinking it would be cheap for posing up our self, but it not because we know nothing about RV. The more we work on it the worth it get, one thing to another.

  40. darren says:

    I think I may have found a perfect candidate for your show its a man that is broke can afford rent recently got on disability does not make enough money to even afford rent been living in his vehicle since he was 16 years of age has bad feet and is looking to get his school bus he has recently bought with his disability money that he is trying to live in give me a call if you can help out 6154 2909 34 thanks guys give it a try

  41. Mark Lodwig says:

    Dear Bret,
    I have interesting story, I was in the social administration office helping my friend filling out the form for medicare, and I run to another fellow name Rickey Medlocke the original former rocker of Lynyrd Skynyrd. At first I didn't recognize him, He was down and out and living out of his 1989 35' South wind RV? When I saw the inside of his RV and it was not livable, it was wreck. Some had robbed his RV and took all his music equipments including Gibson Les Paul Electric guitars and big amps. This was not his first time of being robbed, as turned out it's was his live-in girlfriend and her pimp was stealing all his stuffs and his Hardy Davis custom bike Santa Rosa, CA. Make this story short; I invited him to stay with me and my wife in our home. After few days living with us and many conversations with him, I realized he is the real deal of Rickey Medlocke The original former member rocker and creator of Lynyrd Skynyrd from 1967-1977. He was also in the plane crash and survived. Since the plane crashed He was in coma for three years, Blackfoot took his stage names and betrayed his music career. When he came out of his coma he has lost everything’s including his contracts and royalty money with MCI/MCA and BMI. He is broke and now living with us for the last 5 weeks but He establishes new music business of Down South Production INC and Show Productions but his girlfriend had robbed in his RV and took all his music equipments, He had lost everything’s And I want to help Rickey Medlocke to fix his RV and help him to get his career going by fixing his RV, but he need help with it, there is so many repairs. I want to help him. I need help to help fixing his RV. Please Help.
    Mark A. Lodwig.

  42. Very good article. Find such a tangle of garbage is no mean feat. :)

  43. eric moreno says:

    Just wanted to say love the show. I know there would be no way to win anything like this. But it is amazing job you and your crew does. I hope one day I will be able to have one big enough for family of 8. 6 kids are a handful and need the room . Thanks for an awesome show and god bless.

  44. Great blog. Thanks for sharing

  45. why meditate says:

    Bret Michaels and his handpicked, insanely talented design/build team, consisting of Bodie Stroud and Jake Scott, have been working tirelessly, rocking out 1 very special RV just for you.

  46. tammy says:

    is this a joke cause i got a story for u!!!!!!!!!! my mom has always wanted one to live in and her story is the sadest and the most up lifting story u cold read about

  47. Lisa says:

    OMG! Very exciting competition. First maintain your RV with Fix RV Leaks to give it tiptop shape and then enter your name for competition.

  48. Richard Davis says:

    Hi Mr Michaels,
    I work for a restoration company that travels the US performing restoration work on Schools, Factories, Hotels and any other commercial properties damaged by fire-flood or any other dessert they may encounter. The company currently has me in a 28' toy hauler with the living space converted into office and the toy portion into a mobile garage for our tools and equipment. What I am looking for is an upgrade for work but also something to call my own and allow me to bring family along on jobs with me. I am on the road close to 80% of the year and if I could have my wife with me, well you see the benifit. By it being my trailer, I can travel where I want and collect additional funds since I won't be charging for hotel rooms all the time or going out to eat (I enjoy cooking my own meals). I know this year's contest is completed but I am asking if there is a future contest to look forward to or some pointers to where someone would grant me the trailer I am looking for? Thank you for your time reading this. Any thoughts or reply greatly appriciated. Thank you again. Rich

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