Travel moves you and so will our Watch Travel Channel App. Travel Channel’s brand-new app for iPad® and iPhone® refreshes daily, offering the full range of our video content wherever and whenever you want.  To watch the latest full episodes, you will need the username and password provided by your television service provider.  The app filters content by show, host, destination or interest, making it tap-simple to get ideas for your next vacation or nearby outing. Watch Travel Channel is a must-have for every fan – and it’s now available to download for free at App Store. We’re working on an  Android   version too; more on that later this summer.

Until then, check out our Mobile Apps page for more info about other Travel Channel apps, including The Layover app.

13 Responses

  1. Colleen Tovar says:

    The Travel Channel App is AMAZING!!!!!

  2. Mitch says:

    Guys -
    Many people have androids and a few of us have windows phones. :)

  3. Mitch says:

    Guys –
    Many people have androids and a few of us have windows phones. :)

  4. Stew says:

    Just wondering what the progress is for the android version.
    Thanks Stew

  5. smith says:

    Travel Channel's is a best apps i like it and use it

  6. Tai facebook says:

    It's so wonderful your travel channel – Tai Facebook

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  10. Brahim ali says:

    This is a great app, love it, thank you

  11. Hicham says:

    Thanks for sharing this fantastic article, its seriously worth to read, keep up the good job.

  12. Dan says:

    This is really a wonderful post, thank you

  13. Adrian says:

    Excellent Post. Very interesting to read. Thanks!

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