Enter Travel Channel’s Epic RV Giveaway for a chance to win a custom RV “rocked-out” by Bret Michaels.

Looking for a rock star to throw you the ultimate party? How about a rock star that’ll give you the ultimate party … on wheels?

Bret and his uber-talented band of designers and builders plan to do just that for the Mendonsa family. The Mendonsas have been looking for a way to create a tribute to their late son, Zack, and they’ve asked Bret for his help. Bret and his team come up with a plan to turn their RV, the “Scum Wagon,” into the ultimate family-entertainment vehicle, complete with a rooftop lounge, an exterior projection TV and much more.

Will Bret and his team be able to transform the Mendonsas beat up, 20-year-old RV into a rolling tribute to their son and the ultimate party bus? Find out on an all-new episode, tonight at 9|8c.

Until then, download the SNAPS! App to “pose” in a picture with your favorite rock star, Bret Michaels! Hang out with him at a ball game, by the pool, on the beach – you name it. Just take a photo and insert one of many Rock My RV-themed graphics and you’ll have all your friends fooled!

Here are a few quick steps to help you along the way:

1.      Download the SNAPS! App in the app store.

2.      Sign in through your Facebook account and select “Discover.”

3.      Go to the Rock My RV Snaps and upload or take a photo “with Bret.”


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6 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    Hello, I Have a Seabreeze rv and does need a little help. Back in November I was having pains in my stomach, after a cat scan I was told I Had acute appendicitis . After coming out of surgery and had awoke to my wife crying, I asked why are you crying? She said with great disappointment" you really want to know" I said yes. My wife then said you have Cancer, I then screamed out why me dear lord. The doctor came in and said we have to run tests but it doesn't look good. RIght now I'm getting chemo treatments and everything looks good so far. WIth that said we have decided to use the rv as much as possible and live life to the fullest. Please consider us for rock my rv.

  2. Cristhian says:

    how do I get you to Rock My RV????

  3. Candy Bush says:

    I husband lost 3 brothers in the past few years, they loved to camp together and got an RV together. Now his brothers are gone, he doesn't work on the Rv or go camping… If you can Rock his RV, maybe it will bring back the momories and the love he had for camping with his brothers. The RV has sat for a couple years now, now its being used for storage… it is very sad. Please rock his RV or help me to.

  4. Dee VanSchoick says:

    i have a pop-up rv we have owed it since my son was in my belly.i want you to pimp my pop-up, we need a new roof again! we have replaced it once and it is rotting again.we have a shower and toilet and fridge..it sleeps 6 butt we keep 2 by 4's in the roof so it don't fall down.would love for you to go out of the box and pimp my pop-up,i could be a new cool show.

  5. Irene cinfora says:

    my husband has RSD. It's a very painful dease that keeps him in consistent pain and its very hard for him to travel. God bless my dad, he's given us his RV to travel, however it's not handicap ready,and we don't have the money to do so. Before he was disable nothing would stop him. And now he can't fly because the plane pressure would cause him to much pain, and the train or bus would do the same. He has to lie down or take some really powerfully pain killer, just to get some kind of relief. The RV is the only way for him to travel. Please help make his dreams come true, and help make the RV handicap ready for travel. He really wants to see his grandkids in. Calif. (Bill never meet them because of Reflux Synaptic Dystrophy (RSD)

    Thank you, Bill's wife. Irene

  6. juan achi says:

    Bret and his team come up with a plan to turn their RV, the “Scum Wagon,” into the ultimate family-entertainment vehicle, complete with a rooftop lounge, an exterior projection TV and much more.

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