There’s more to Charlotte, NC, than NASCAR. In fact, the city also happens to be home to a few uniquely delicious burgers. George Motz learns this first-hand on an all-new episode of Burger Land, tonight at 9|8c!

From a burger slathered in chili and coleslaw and a jumbo cheeseburger at an old-school drive-in burger joint, to a double-decker burger smothered in Pimento cheese, find out what Southern-style burgers are all about.

Get a sneak peek of tonight’s episode with these behind-the-scenes photos. And don’t forget — we want to know where you get your favorite burgers, so submit your photos and share the juicy goodness!


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  1. Charles Keller says:

    Loved the Charlotte Burger features… In my past life was there a lot for work and visited a couple of those places, soo good. One suggesstion, in NYC there is a unique burger joint called Zaitzeff's, near Pace Univ. They feature Kobe Steak burgers on portuguese sweet miffins, so unique and great…. Dfinitely check them out

  2. Chase Howard says:

    I have been looking at some Lake Norman, NC real estate and have been looking for some of the hotspots to see in and around the area like restaurants and fun events like these. I have always heard that there are a lot of fun stuff to do, a lot of them being outdoor activities like swimming in the lakes, fishing, and camping. Looking forward to getting down there!

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