“$5000. Take it or leave it.”

“I can’t go above $3500.”

“Split the difference, and make it an even $4000.”


On an all-new Toy Hunter, Jordan and his amateur toy collecting pal, Travis, head to Massachusetts in search of big ticket items to sell at one of the biggest pop culture events in the country: Chicago’s C2E2.

During his journey in New England, Jordan comes away with a bunch of classic toys he thinks will sell at C2E2, but no toy is more crucial then the GI USS Flagg Aircraft Carrier he picks up for $4,000 while haggling with Rob. In order to reach his goal of selling $20,000 in toys, Jordan must sell the USS Flagg for nearly double what he paid for it.

Will Jordan find someone to take the GI Joe aircraft carrier off his hands? Will he reach his lofty goal of making $20,000? Find out on an all-new episode, tonight at 9|8c.

Plus, don’t forget to check out Jordan’s thoughts on the episode with these exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos of “Toy Tycoon.”



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  1. Tamara says:

    There was two dolls i bought when i was 13 (which will be 31 years ago in a month) that i was wondering if you could identify. I don't have them anymore , there have been quite a few moves , a fire and a defaulted storage unit since then.

    They were female vinyl dolls (like Barbie) except they were shorter and except for human faces one had a horse head and the other was a cow of pig , They were curvier than Barbie and instead of being naked they had panties and a bustier raised in the vinyl.

    Even if i could find them I 'm completely broke so this is just my curiousity asking not an attempt to buy.

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