“There is something bad here that’s not human.” – Amy Allan

In an all-new episode of The Dead Files, Steve and Amy head to Fort Wayne, IN, to investigate numerous reports of abusive paranormal activity at a family home.

Their client, Mark, bought his home in hopes that he and his family could grow old there — until frightening unexplained occurrences made him quickly realize that they weren’t welcome in their once quaint fixer-upper.

During Steve’s factual investigation, he discovers that the property was once the site of a terrible domestic dispute that brought a man’s life to a tragic end, while Amy encounters a ferocious male entity that she believes is torturing the living.  Steve and Amy’s disturbing findings are finally exposed to their clients during this case’s gut-wrenching conclusion.

Will the shocking reveal force Mark and his family to move from their home? Find out on an all-new episode, tonight @ 10|9c.

Then, head over to TravelChannel.com after the episode premieres to chat live with Steve and Amy at 11|10c.

Plus, don’t miss these exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos from tonight’s harrowing investigation.



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  1. donna allen says:

    Have y'all ever come to ocala Florida to investigate the the three sisters inn or ma barker home off of 464 here

  2. Shelley Rowland says:

    Amy & Steve I love y'all show! So glad y'all help out all the families

  3. Azri says:

    Amy! i am shocked at you! a warlock is NOT a male Witch!! historicly, from what i have gathered, warlocks were former male members of covens when the Catholic church was trying to take over and do away with the Pagans. the Catholic church promised them power , so the former male coven members turned on the female coven members. voila you have a warlock, not a male witch but an OATHBREAKER!! there may be people CLAIMING to be warlocks now days? but i don't trust em any further than i can spit a waterbuffalo!!

    i have been a Wiccan for well over 20 yrs & have met a few "warlocks" they should really have called them selves PLAYGANS! people who claim paganism but are there for the perceived drugs and sex. usually a retaliation for a BAD Christiant upbringing. i am really shocked that you said that. usually you are SPOT on with your info. this bums me out. but i do understand that you've alot to contend with. just, please, never call a warlock a male witch it makes those of us who know the truth absolutely CRINGE! thanks for a FAB show! Oh an steve is a HOTTIE! :D Cheers!

  4. Duane says:

    I would like to get in contact with Mark somehow. I know a very masculine male witch who just so happens to be a shaman too. He actually is my father in-law. And lives about 20 minutes away. Please help me be able to help Mark.

  5. Angela says:

    I think u people are a joke. I've tried to contacted you Amy for along time. We dealing with a emergency help in our home. You didn't even bother to contacted me. We have a demon in our home.

  6. Angela says:

    please help us amy

  7. J Kimberly Prieto says:

    Hello My Name Is J Kimberly Prieto,, I Absolutely am Mezmerized By Your Show Im Hoping That Like Ghost Adventures You Are Not A Fake And I Really Dont Think You Are.. I Was An Assistant Director And Got Into The DGA So I Know How We Tell Stories For Entertainment..Long Story Almost Done,,My Beloved Husband Will Be Passing Soon Due To Cancer And Were Such Twins WE waited 20 Years For Each Other And Now My Gift Will Be Leaving Me Shortly God Forbid He Couldnt Cross Over And I Really Dont Expect An Answer But The Only Thing Im Concerned About Is If He Dies Say In The Hospital If He Needed Me Could He Find Me So I Could Help Him Cross Over I Cant Bear To Think Of Him Lost And Alone Do They Stay Where They Died Or Could He Find Me If He Needed To??.. It Sounds Nuts And Mabey It Is But I Would Feel Better Knowing He Wouldnt Be Lost And Alone..Sorry for Rambling..J Kimberly Prieto A Devoted Wife Mabey To A fault..THANK YOU..

  8. frances elias says:

    You guys got more guts than I will ever have

  9. Ally says:

    So these people were also on an episode of "Paranormal State" a show that used to be on A&E network. The dude Mark apparently was an ex-satanist in that episode. The house is the same house in both shows. Watching the inconsistency in both episodes it makes me think these shows are a load of crap. Super entertaining but still crap!

  10. Mark says:

    Why don't you do a show with the GHOST ADVENTURE guys? That would be an awesome show!

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