A Hug For the World: British runner Kate Treleaven, co-founder of the One Run For Boston cross-country charity relay, stretches out in St. Louis.

The “Stink Mobile” never stops. Barring any unexpected detours, it will have trekked 3,300 miles when it welcomes hundreds of runners Sunday night finishing One Run For Boston — a cross-country relay to raise money for Boston Marathon bombing victims. Event co-founders Kate Treleaven and Danny Bent, friends from England, are taking turns sleeping in their donated 2013 grey Ford Escape, a logistical support vehicle that doubles as a motel.

One Run began in Los Angeles on June 7 and will end on June 30 at Boston Common, a few steps from the Boston Marathon Finish Line. Taking a scenic backroads tour of America, the route meanders through 14 states and is being tracked with a GPS baton along with a 24/7 Live Photo Gallery.

The purpose is to raise money for The One Fund Boston but also to showcase acts of human kindness and generosity in the wake of the April 15 terrorism attacks. Runners also passed through tornado-ravaged parts of Oklahoma and are earmarking that state’s donations to help families who lost their homes.

“This is a much deeper experience than a road trip,” says Bent, a triathlete and author who previously bicycled from England to India to raise money for child poverty. “We’re experiencing America from the inside out. People are inviting us into their homes. Every one hour and forty minutes, we meet a new person. It’s a like a spike of adrenaline.”

Runners from around the country are flying into Boston to join the ceremonial last 8 mile leg of the journey. Strangers have been donating frequent flier miles to each other after meeting on the One Run Facebook page.  Bent and Treleaven, who sometimes run alongside supporters, recently logged a 16-mile stretch to replace a Pennsylvania runner whose father had just died. Their tribute memorial run was coincidentally on the same day as the funeral.

Along with the inevitable tear-jerking moments, the One Run founders are also sharing plenty of lighthearted memories as they stumble across silly roadside attractions and truck stop oddities.

On June 16, the runners passed through Amarillo, Texas, home of Cadillac Ranch, a public sculpture garden where graffiti-covered junk cars are planted nose down into the earth. Bent and Treleaven painted “One Run For Boston” on one of the steel (yes, cars were not always made of plastic) canvases.

Road trippers Danny Bent (left) and Kate Treleaven pretend to spray paint each other at Cadillac Ranch on Route 66 in Texas.

“Every British person dreams about driving across America and seeing all the different landscapes. You can drive across Britain in just a few hours,” says Treleaven. “But we’re not going to the usual tourist places. We actually drove straight past the Grand Canyon!”

“This trip is about meeting people we would otherwise never have a chance to meet,” she adds. “We’re getting under the skin of America and loving every moment of it.”


(For more information on donating to One Run For Boston or joining the runners in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts anytime from June 28-30, click here).

– written by Darren Garnick




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9 Responses

  1. Kris says:

    Great article! Being part of this epic running " road trip" was an experience of a lifetime! Danny and Kate are amazing people.

  2. Richard Reed says:

    Danny and Kate are just the most amazing people. It's an opportunity to make a difference for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. They have brought together this huge running community and managed to bring out the best of what it is to be an American. It's and inspiration to the world to see such hate and tragedy responded to with love and community. Thank you Kate and Danny!

  3. Thank you so much for writing the story The Ultimate Road Trip (On Foot) Honors Boston Marathon Victims. These runners are truly amazing. We at Boston Strong Ducks are all about spreading a positive message. It is nice to see the media focus put on something good. Big thumbs up!!!!

  4. Skip Mann says:

    I ran a leg in Missouri and am joining the final leg in Boston. Danny and Kate have an instantaneous likeability and are not just great people for what they are doing, they are excellent British Ambassadors, and Running Community Ambassadors. They have touched more Americans than I dare say any recent politicians and we with them are making a difference! We are supporting the folks in Boston as well as showing the world that we are not giving in to acts of terror!

  5. Pete Leyva says:

    Me, Pete Leyva and wife Anita ran stage 179 in Missouri. This was a once in a lifetime oppurtunity and we are so proud to be a part of it. When terrorists hurt any American they hurt me. I would give anything to be a part of the finish in Boston.

  6. Barrie says:

    Excellent, insightful article! Exactly why I love TravelChannel!! Thanks for opening my eyes to this! I live outside of Boston and was gripped that week in April like everyone else. I feel blessed to see acts of support and kindness as this, and will support this cause. Thanks!

  7. Linda says:

    What a wonderful road trip for a really good cause. It's nice to hear how things in Boston are starting to get back to normal. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great article , " road trip" was an experience of a lifetime.. Danny and Kate are amazing people. – See more at:

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