Still in the market for a remodeled and rocked-out custom RV, complete with flat-screen TVs, gaming stations and top-of-the-line finishes? Our mega-transformed RV blows all other vehicles off the road, and it could be yours!

There’s only one week left in Travel Channel’s Epic RV Giveaway, so you’ll need to act fast. Submit a short video to Travel Channel’s Rock My RV contest page by July 15 at noon (EST), explaining to Bret Michaels why you deserve to win this rocked-out RV! If you win, you’ll also be given the opportunity to appear on television during the one-hour season finale this September.

Jake, Bodie and Bret have been working hard for the last 8 weeks designing the Epic RV just for you. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!


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  1. amy albrecht says:

    hlp rock my rv 11 I made a video and its 4.2 minutes long and now I can tupload it how do you shrink it ugh !!!!!

  2. carey gailey says:

    Brett Michaels , we watch your show here on discovery its really cool we would love to enter the Epic Rv giveaway we love to travel and camp yet we are financially strapped to the point we cant afford to hotel it anymore and our car dosent do camping anyway we would love to be able to get up and go again also my husband is on oxygen but he said that this would be so cool to enter and win this we also do not have a recorder to make a movie of why we would love this please this would be great

  3. Brad skinner says:

    Please consider !!! We need this to help a kid pursue his dream.
    My 13 year old son and Family have been sleeping in a van over the past few years, while he tries to pursue his dream in Motocross. Not wanting to let my son down we do the best we can, it's a very expensive sport. He does have the drive to go all the way in his sport. We have been to many events local and out of state. We and others believe he has what it takes. We under stand you get 1000 of requests. Maybe if you meet Noah you would see why we do what we do!!!! What people do not understand about motocross is that the kids that do it pour there heart out on and off the track, motocross is not about twisting the throttle. You have to train really hard to stay in shape so you will be able to last the whole race. There are thousands of families out there that get off easy, we are not one of those families. We are the underdogs, trying to make it big in motocross!
    We are….BRANDED NOT TO QUIT!!!

  4. john says:

    Would love to enter but I have no interest in making and sending a video so I guess I'm locked out. Too bad.

  5. Bruce Furze says:

    Our video is 266MB and we're not sure what to do now but I'm going to go ahead and post my comment. Our submission is for our mom. She has P.T.S.D. In time of need, nobody is more giving than my mom. She is extremely hard working and has always put others above herself. Her dedication to be not only an outstanding mother but as a very humble and benevolent individual is unrivaled.
    My mom doesn't have much however cherishes the little things she does have. She enjoys the old RV she managed to buy herself and takes us out all the time. It's too old to stay in a park but that doesn't stop our mom. She just parks on the street. She wants to take us all to the snow but not in that old thing, we can't go. She just enjoys spending time with her family in her RV-to take trips and get away. As a single mother there were times she wanted to get away, I'm sure. But she never did. She supported us and stood by us 100% in anything we did. Not once has mom ever asked for anything in return but love. Instead she gives to people who need it the most. She donates whenever possible. She helps the homeless-giving them food or anything else they may need. In fact, I'm not lying when I state I've seen her give the jacket off her back and the shoes off her feet to a homeless lady in the middle of a storm.
    I promise you Travel Channel and Bret nobody is more deserving for this than my mother. I promise you, nothing would make her more happy than spending time and making memories in her brand new EPIC RV.
    Our mom really ROCKS. She's able to create some amazing experiences out of nothing more than a few dollars of gas and some sandwiches so I can't wait to see what she comes up with to do with a brand new RV.

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