The ghosts at night are such a fright … *clap* *clap* *clap* … deep in the heart of Texas!

Tonight at 9|8c on an all-new Ghost Adventures, the guys investigate the Black Swan Inn in San Antonio, TX, on the banks of the Salado Creek. As the guys learn before the lockdown, these grounds were the site of a bloody battle.

After a long day of filming, the GAC took a stroll down the San Antonio River Walk to relax before the lockdown. To find out where they went and what you should see on your own visit to San Antonio, check out our travel guide. FYI: the guys ate their fill of Tex-Mex while in the Lone Star State.

And don’t forget to submit your own video shout out to the guys after tuning in for tonight’s episode, so you can tell them what you thought of the Black Swan Inn investigation!


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  1. Brandy Berardi-Brack says:

    Hello guys I wanted to tell you I was watching the episode King's Tavern. While I was watching this I noticed a chair was moved in the room that Arron wand Nick was in. It was right after Arron got pushed and Nick warned him they were coming for him. I'm not sure if Nick moved the chair because he was in the room and I couldn't see him. That episode really got to me and I felt for the 4 of you. I watch every episode you guys are amazing I just had to tell you that the chair was moved almost in front of the white one that was in the room as well. I saw when the sprit moved from one chair to the other. I would really like to kmow if it was moved by Nick or something else. Thank you Brandy

  2. Connor says:

    Hey Ghost Adventures, my name is Connor, I am 12 years old and have been fascinated by your guys research! Anyway, I want to ask you to come to the city where I live, Butte, Montana. This city has a dark history that I'm sure you guys would be interested in. I have had a couple experiences with the paranormal. I know how to do investigations as I have been in one. I know you guys probably can't do this, but I am asking you(if you come here to pick a building to investigate) to add me in the investigation. The investigation I was in was at the restaurant Chefs Garden. Nobody could get any evidence, and my step dad who worked there decided to bring me into the basement and left me only with a guy that does investigations. We didn't catch anything until the guy played back an evp. I asked "Where are you." And we got a little girls voice saying "Where are YOU!" After that my step dad considers me a trigger object since I am a kid. That is why I want to come along. If you respond, I will give you my address if you agree. Really hope you guys will accept! You are my role model! Ps. I don't think there is one building in Butte that isn't haunted, so you have a lot of variety!

  3. kgarcia0910 says:

    You guys should visit WEISER, IDAHO!!!! there is a hunted bed and breakfast that is very hunted, if you stay in there 1 whole night they will give you the house.. so come on guys come and try it..

  4. Connor says:

    The trigger object I wrote about meant kid spirits probably want to interact with me since I am more their age. Just wanted to make that clear. :)

  5. bstmstr says:

    Hey Ghost Adv. 9/2/13 tonight I saw a movie called Ghosts of Goldfield on Showtimes SHNX. It was all about the Goldfield Hotel & Elizabeth"s death and a group of ghost hunters. It was a little like your investigation there the credits even showed Red's name & produced by Edwin C. Goldfield 2007.
    They showed some old pics from 1935. Check it out.

  6. […] Ghost Adventures in San Antonio | The Traveling Type – Ghost Adventures in San Antonio. … the guys investigate the Black Swan Inn in San Antonio, … While I was watching this I noticed a chair was moved in the room …… […]

  7. Teresa Anderson says:

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  11. Can you show more pictures?

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  13. I was visiting my son and his family in San Antonio, TX and I thought it would be a great idea for me, my son, my daughter-in-law, her daughter, and my son's mother-in-law to attend the Ghost Tour Dinner at The Menger Hotel on my last night in San Antonio on Friday, August 9, 2013.

    When we arrived for the dinner we stopped in the lobby so I could take some photos of the beautiful surroundings of the hotel. I happened to take one photo which was one of many that I took in the lobby. When I got home there seemed to be the outline of a man's face over the light on the table next to the cabinet (or my active imagination)! :)

    Also, when I went back to the Hilton Palacio del Rio Hotel where I had been staying during my trip, I had the TV on until I realized I couldn't go to sleep with it still playing, so I turned it off before falling asleep. Around 3:00 a.m. in the morning I was awaken to the sound of the TV full blast. I am not sure why a ghost would come all the way back to the Hilton Hotel to watch TV, but I keep wondering how the TV was on when I specifically remember turning it off so I could go to sleep!

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