A Europe Round-a-Bout

“A Europe Round-a-Bout” by Shem702

Another week, another winner. This week we were totally blown away by Shem702′s submission, “A Europe Round-a-Bout.”

He explains that it’s just “a small little lighthouse, shining out over the Edinburgh coast line. A beautiful sunset for a beautiful night.” We couldn’t agree more!

We were also inspired by he and his wife’s story. After saving for 2 years, they are determined to hit 17 countries before they leave Europe this summer. Best of luck Shem702, and congrats on winning a $500 Choice Hotels voucher to use at any location!

See the other finalists from this week below, and remember we have 2 grand prizes left! Upload your best vacation photos now for a chance to win.

“Lincoln Memorial at Night”

“Seeing Our Roots in Switzerland”

“Mr. Turtle” by Jewell

“Celebrating the Sunrise” by dpk

For more information — or to size up the competition — check out our 2013 photo contest.



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  1. Jessica says:

    wow these really are some amazing photos! love the vibe on “Celebrating the Sunrise”.

  2. Olivia says:

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