The town of Laconia, NH, is usually quaint and quiet. But for a single week in June, hundreds of thousands motorcycle enthusiasts make their way to Weirs Beach to show off their custom choppers, indulge in some quality seafood and get down with their bike brethren.

In the mood for a $100 lobster pizza? How about a resort overlooking the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee? The 15,000-person town of Laconia has it all. Wanna get down and dirty with the bikers in Laconia? Check out our travel guide to find out what you can’t miss during this crazy week in June, and tune in tonight at 9|8c to watch Adam Richman join in on the madness on an all-new episode of Fandemonium.

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  1. Kim says:

    Laconia is a great town and the Lake is gorgeous! Spent many summers there growing up and that week is definitely crazy to say the least!

  2. James says:

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  3. Rufus Douglas says:

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  4. Bike show, like in my country Lithuania will be "bike show millenium" its very good :)

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  6. Chrissi says:

    Wow! The hardcore bikers will love to be a part of sheer adventure.
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