Right outside of Yosemite National Park, sits the now empty Tuolumne General Hospital in Sonora, CA. Sonora was a Gold Rush boomtown in the 1800s, and due to the often violent practices of desperate gold miners, Tuolumne Hospital was opened in 1849. But the hospital finally closed just a few years ago, and now sits abandoned save for the spirits of a few miners who still may be roaming the halls.  Tonight on an all-new episode of Ghost Adventures at 9|8c, the guys visit this hospital to determine who is lingering. And in an extended lockdown that yields some terrifying evidence, the guys leave the hospital feeling more than a little shaken up.

Pay your own visit to Sonora, CA, and learn about its rich gold mining history, with tips in our travel guide. And don’t miss tonight’s epic episode!


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  1. TonyJ says:

    GAC your going to much Hollywood.I believe your success comes from being everyday people.Peace.

  2. michael says:

    Good show last night, anybody see the boys school Mariana Fla., where the are exhuming suspected 22 bodies of boys went missing – claims of abuse and mysterious deaths, sounds like a good place for an investigation.

  3. Laurie D says:

    When Zak was having that severe pain on his right side of his head, did you all notice his shirt? About half way down it moved like something pushed it over and Zak was not even moving. My husband and I love the show.

  4. Sara Tosta Miner says:

    Hi guys,

    I love your show. Thanks for posting all on youtube, I am watching since number 1.
    I just finished watching the one on Riviera Hotel and the EVP caught in the room before 908 I can hear clear: "You aren't in the bed".
    Keep this wonderful job guys. I wish could participate on one show.
    Sara Miner

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