Floating in Paradise

“Floating in Paradise” by Tiffaney

This week’s winner goes to the aptly-titled “Floating in Paradise” by Tiffaney. It’s safe to say her submission made the Travel Channel staff collectively wish were there.

Tiffaney says, “My husband took me to the beautiful island of Bora Bora on our honeymoon. Each morning, I would jump off of our balcony into the blue lagoon below. One morning my husband saw me floating and snapped my favorite shot of the trip!”

It was our favorite, too, Tiffaney! Congrats on winning a $500 Choice Hotels voucher to use at any location.

See the other finalists from this week below, and remember we only have 1 grand prize left! Upload your best vacation photos now for your last chance to win.

“Color-Splashed Sunset”

“Blondes Do Have More Fun” by Kimberly

“Mediterranean Marvels” by Sable’s Travels

Emerald Lake & Cilantro Cafe

“Emerald Lake & Cilantro Cafe”



6 Responses

  1. Kim says:

    Looks like paradise! Great choice for a winner!

  2. JSK says:

    I am a bit confused? I thought it was 1 winner, PER category each week????!!!
    There were 3 in outdoor and adventure and 2 in honeymoons???

  3. BritishRose says:

    GOSH, WHAT BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS, EVERYBODY !!! _Tiffaney: You look SO peaceful… I am SO jelly! Bora Bora has been at the top of my Leap List – turned Bucket List for as far back as I can remember! I would enlarge that with the canvas portrait / photography process that is so realistic so that you & your Love-Muffin can snuggle up and float away whenever you want…_The dramatic lighting captured on both the "Colour – Splashed Sunset" and the "Mediterranean Marvels" is stunning

  4. Calpe says:

    This pic is a cool choice for winning a contest. The caption is aptly provided. It is really paradise on Earth and she is floating on paradise. :) creative and imaginative. :)

  5. best holiday in this place :)

  6. labai kokybiski plastikiniai langai!

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