“To watch those 3 not just go a-hunting in pitch-blackness, but to do it for our entertainment, still amazes me. Since that time, I have been a hardcore fan of the show; they are as funny and quick-witted as they are fearless and stoic.”
-Dean Haglund, Actor, Ghost Adventures Live Host

For their 100th investigation, tonight at 9|8c, the Ghost Adventures crew visit St. Louis to lock down in the house where the event that inspired the movie, The Exorcist, happened in 1949, when a little boy was possessed by the devil.

On a beautiful, unassuming street in a quiet neighborhood in St. Louis, sits a brick house with a dark history, or as a fellow paranormal investigator called it, The House Where Satan Slept. The guys put themselves at risk and attempt to summon the demons that may still be lurking in this family home – what will they find?

Plan your own trip to St. Louis with the help of our travel guide – we even found a haunted walking tour of the city that includes the story of the famous exorcism, as well as a museum with artifacts from the movie.

And don’t miss what some famous friends of the GAC said about the guys to congratulate them on making it to such a huge milestone.

Where will you be lurking tonight? Be sure to hang out with the GAC family and the @GALairMaster in the Fan Lair!


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7 Responses

  1. Selby Cecil says:

    you might tell whoever the genius is who designed the scrolls at the bottom of the screen
    during "Ghost Adventures" and whatever other shows which block the subtitles…..BAD IDEA.
    I'm a faithful viewer, but won't be if scrolls continue.

  2. Cindy says:

    Guys! I love your show and have watched with my son since the first episode however…I'm a native of St Louis and there was so very much more to the Exorcist much more intriguing. In the future please do a bit more research. Thanks and hope you enjoyed your stay here!

  3. Wayne Brasler says:

    The exorcism didn't take place in the house. It took place at Alexian Brothers Hospital on the St. Louis University campus. The house is where the young man stayed with his aunt and uncle. He also was housed briefly on the fifth floor of St. Vincent Sanitarium near the house and at the White House Catholic Retreat house on the MIssissippi River. The son of a doctor who worked on the case told me his father said this was a case of possession, not mental illness, and it took a large toll on the Priests and doctors who participated in freeing this young man, who went on to a normal life with little memory of the experience. He was not Catholic (!) but later he and his family became Catholics. Neighbors and a real estate agent say the present owner has encountered nothing in the house but has been willing to let media people and television producers come into it. Neighbors also say they know of nothing unusual which has taken place in the house. I grew up in the area, I am a journalist and historian. I am a big fan of
    "Ghost Hunters;" it is great movie making but movie making is what it is.

  4. cladwalker says:

    only a true fool would attempt to summon those demons. they have no idea what they are dealing with. ignorant bravado.

  5. Robinetta says:

    Plan your own trip to St. Louis with the help of our travel guide – we even found a haunted walking tour of the city that includes the story of the famous exorcism, as well as a museum with artifacts from the movie.

  6. I have been last year in St. Louis , is very nice place!

  7. […] But, to look at it from the popular stance, if the possession was real, and if the demons who possessed young Robbie are still there, why did they wait 60 years to manifest and make themselves known? Demons also cannot possess a house. They can enter temporarily through a medium such as a Ouija Board and can travel throughout our world, but cannot be stuck in an inanimate object (despite what the fraudulent Warren family proclaims at their paranormal museum in Connecticut). Therefore, the actual phrase, “exorcising a house”, is a non sequitur. Because a house cannot be possessed, it cannot be exorcised. It can be blessed, but then that terminology wouldn’t exactly attract a nationwide audience, would it? Can I also ask how much money this homeowner has made over the last few years due to this paranormal publicity? Most people whose houses are genuinely haunted do not want any attention because it affects their day-to-day lives, but this house is featured in the city’s haunted walking tour! […]

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