This notorious island right off the coast of San Francisco was once thought to be cursed by Native Americans, who dubbed it “Evil Island.” Home to the oldest operating lighthouse on the West Coast, military fortifications and a rather large seabird colony, Alcatraz Island is most famous for the prison that held prisoners for 30 years and was thought to be inescapable. The island’s bloody and violent history came to a peak in 1946 when a failed escape attempt by 6 prisoners turned into the Battle of Alcatraz, which resulted in the gruesome deaths of 2 guards and 3 inmates.

Tonight, at 9|8c, the Ghost Adventures crew visits Alcatraz Island to see if those inmates and guards who spent their last hours inside the prison walls still linger among the cell blocks. While you watch, don’t forget to hangout with other GA fans in the Fan Lair and share your thoughts on the lockdown!

Want to take your own tour of Alcatraz Island? Plan a trip to San Francisco with the help of our travel guide, but before you go, see how the guys prepared for The Rock.


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  1. nadine anglesey says:

    my name is nadine anglesey and I watch the program every week. I would like you guys to investigate the amityville house. I have been told that it is a real thing that happened and I would love to know if it is. would you be willing to do that for us fans?
    thank you,

  2. Hey guys this is Michael A Craine from Galesburg IL, be careful in the Cidadel it is supposedly the worst place on that island to be. just saying. lol

  3. yvonne sislow says:

    I would like to know why the ghost adventures and the dead files don't work together, on at lest one show for this years halloween . I think this would be interesting show I know they work deferent ways but that would make this a great show.

  4. Rich says:

    I think ghost adventures is a fake.They hear noises that one of the other guys are making.And with there little meters going off,and the candles blowing out from a small fan.People get a life and do something else,like get a real job.

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