With Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second installment in the The Hunger Games trilogy coming out this month in theatres, Hunger Games tourism is … well, catching fire again.  From tree hotels to bubble dome rooms, Booking.com shared with us the most Hunger Games-inspired hotels around the world. Whether you are a super fan or just have a taste for truly one-of-a-kind places to stay, you won’t believe these 5 spectacular hotels.

May the odds (of getting a room in these super hot hotels) be ever in your favor!


Treehotel – Harads, Sweden
While you might not need to hide from your fellow Hunger Games rivals, an escape to Treehotel, the world’s largest treehouse hotel, still will be a welcome reprieve.  Spending a night perched in the trees in Sweden’s Harads forest, you’ll feel on top of the world.  The tree rooms are all uniquely designed and suspended 13 to 19 feet above ground. We bet you’ll sleep better in the trees here than Katniss Everdeen ever did. After all, there are no distractions like flying arrows and tracker jackers impeding quality shut-eye.

Bubble Hotel – Mullihotel

Bubble Hotel – Mullihotell – Suur-Rootsi, Estonia
While the tributes in the 75th Hunger Games were trapped in a deadly dome, we guarantee a stay in Estonia’s Bubble Hotel will be far more peaceful. The sci-fi looking bubble rooms with transparent roofs let guests feel like there is nothing between them and the starry sky above. You can watch for falling stars from your bed without fear of uninvited guests turning up like Hunger Games’ mutated monkeys and poisonous jabberjays. And just like traditional camping, there are no en-suite facilities, so you will have to leave your bubble.

nhow Berlin

nhow Berlin – Berlin
Just like Panem’s Capitol in Hunger Games, nhow Berlin is awash with bright color, full of lively-tattooed characters and dripping with futuristic innovations. Europe’s first music hotel, nhow, is bursting with colorful decor and modern perks, like 2 in-hotel recording studios and electric guitars for its music-loving guests to borrow. But don’t worry; you can escape the noise in the hotels relaxation zone, complete with a Finnish sauna and experience shower (6 shower heads dispensing water of a different temperature). The Capitol would approve.

Sleepbox Hotel

Sleepbox Hotel – Moscow
Before the games begin, Katniss and her beloved stylist Cinna make final preparations and say their goodbyes in the “launch room.” While each capsule room here does not come with your own personal stylist, Sleepbox Hotel in Moscow offers the same futuristic feel as the Hunger Games “launch room.”  Choose between 1- and 2-bed cozy box rooms, inspired by Japanese stacked coffin-shaped capsule rooms. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into Katniss’ world, of course, without the life-or-death stress that comes with it.

Museum Hotel

Museum Hotel

Museum Hotel – Cappadocia, Turkey
In the 74th annual Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta huddled in a cave as they tried to outlive their fellow tributes. The world watched as Peeta struggled for his life and when the 2 shared their first kiss.  If Peeta and Katniss could make a mud-covered cave romantic with the cameras watching, we can’t imagine the sparks that could fly if the 2 huddled in this luxurious cave hotel.  Set in Cappadocia’s ancient ruins, the boutique hotel’s rooms are all uniquely decorated with valuable antiques from the Cappadocian culture. For a truly romantic stay, book the Selale Cave suite, complete with a Jacuzzi, private garden, massage room, and even a fish pool.

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  1. These are amazing. I've heard of the Sleepbox Hotel before, but I'd never seen or heard of the Treehotel. Thanks!

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