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Those traveling to the Philippines for volunteer work or vacation have been faced with the unimaginable – a devastating typhoon that could claim as many as 10,000 lives and left the country in crisis.

Hundreds of volunteers were already working on the popular tourist island of Boho following the massive 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck in mid-October, working on rebuilding homes demolished by the tragedy that killed more than 200 people.

But the devastation hasn’t stopped them from helping. It just changed the mission.

The volunteer travelers are now in rescue-mode, helping to find survivors and clean up along the way. US-based non-profit “All Hands” has promised to continue their work after staying under shelter while Typhoon Haiyan hit over the weekend.

Travel blogger Norm Schriever has also gone from exploring and vacationing to starting his own search and rescue mission. He’s using his blog to post information about missing people, attempting to connect families separated by the storm.

Schriever is also telling survivors where they can get food and water, even offering up his personal cell phone and Internet access to those looking for friends and family.

Workers from non-profit CARE International are writing on their website from various areas in the Philippines about the typhoon and how they are approaching the disaster.

An eerie post from CARE’s Philippines representative and disaster risk reduction advisor Celso Dulce reports the early aftermath of the typhoon, where the organization was still trying to grasp the magnitude of the event.

Looking to help those effected by Typhoon Haiyan? Find out how you can donate, volunteer and find more information about the humanitarian efforts in the Philippines below:

(1) Philippine Red Cross: Donate and read the latest updates from the Red Cross on the ground about what’s being done to rescue and help rebuild after the disaster.

(2) World Food Program USA: Find how to send money to those without food in the Philippines through the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide.

(3) Google People Finder: If you have information about a missing person or are looking for a loved one after Typhoon Haiyan, Google has set up a special page with information on people displaced after the disaster.

(4) Unicef: The Philippine chapter of Unicef is collecting funds to provide safe drinking water to families without access after the typhoon.

(5) Doctors Without Borders: Immediately following the disaster, Doctors Without Borders sent 15 members of their team to the area to triage and treat injuries, in addition to providing vaccines and hygiene kits. They are in need of donations to help build an inflatable hospital in the area.

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