See the Swan House, on a Catching Fire tour of Atlanta. (Photography by Atlanta History Museum)

See the Swan House, on a Catching Fire tour of Atlanta. (Photography by Atlanta History Museum)

Hunger Games: Catching Fire
is living up to its name. This past holiday weekend, the second installment in Suzanne Collins’ post-apocalyptic saga broke Thanksgiving box-office records. Now that you’ve seen the movie, walk in the footsteps of Katniss and company — and see where the Hunger Games franchise was actually filmed.
Catching Fire Tour: Atlanta
To see Catching Fire’s filming locations, head to Atlanta. The big draw here is the Swan House, a mansion built in 1928 for a cotton baron and his wife. In Catching Fire, the Swan House doubles as the location of President Snow’s castle; it also appears in several party scenes.

See the Swan House on a Catching Fire Day Tour. Tours will start Saturday, Dec. 19, and run Saturdays and Sundays through 2014. You can also book directly with the Swan House, which is offering tours of rooms that were used during Catching Fire’s filming.

Make Volcanic Rock
Another Atlanta destination, “The Beach” at Clayton County International Park (the only place in all of Atlanta that has a beach), was transformed into a post-apocalyptic wasteland for the 75th Annual Hunger Games arena scenes. If you take a Catching Fire Day Tour, organizers will teach you to make your own “volcanic rock,” as featured in this filming location. Tour operators will also teach you to shoot a bow and arrow like your favorite Catching Fire characters.

Cool like Katniss: Learn archery on a Catching Fire tour.

Cool like Katniss: Learn archery on a Catching Fire tour. (Photo: Hunger Games Unofficial Fan Tours)

Also check out Atlanta’s Goat Farm Arts Center, a 12-acre stretch of town that’s home to art galleries and galas, and, in Catching Fire, District 12. And for a cheap flight to Atlanta, check out hotel and flight deals from leading travel discount sites like CheapOAir.

Don’t Forget North Carolina!
With all the buzz about Catching Fire’s Atlanta filming locations, don’t forget North Carolina – the Tar Heel State was the stomping grounds for the first installment of the Hunger Games trilogy. Check out our Hunger Games Destination slideshow, and let the games begin!


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