Where is everyone dreaming of getting hitched and starting their happily-ever-after? Today Google released their year-in-review Zeitgeist list for 2013, which included the top searched destination wedding locations and honeymoon destinations for 2013.

It’s clear from Google’s data that couples are definitely dreaming of beach “I do’s,” in places such as Jamaica, Bahamas and Bermuda. While Hawaii has always been a desired destination wedding, we like seeing that the less-developed Kauai island is getting more love in 2013. We do wonder though, how many brides and grooms book these destination weddings or are they just dreaming of them?

As for the most searched honeymoons in 2013, we can’t say we’re surprised about the Caribbean, Maldives and Bali. Typically, honeymooners love to hit the beach. But the top searched honeymoon destination New Zealand does stand out as a non-beach-y alternative. New Zealand seems to be getting more and more popular, with its otherworldly wonders, outdoor adventures, and off-the beaten path treks, to inspire a little romance. It looks like active honeymoons will continue to trend with couples that want to get their heart racing  – outside of the honeymoon suite.

The top 10 trending US destination Google searches for weddings and honeymoons in 2013 are below:


Top Destination Wedding Locations for 2013

1. Mexico

2. Bahamas

3. Kauai

4. Caribbean

5. Jamaic

6. Italy

7. Las Vegas

8. Florida

9. Costa Rica

10. Bermuda


Top Honeymoon Locations for 2013:

1. New Zealand

2. Cancun

3. Maldives

4. Bali

5. Thailand

6. Belize

7. St Lucia

8. Tahiti

9. Caribbean

10. Croatia


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  3. The ceremony usually takes place at the honeymoon location/destination. Many friends and family most likely will not be able to attend as most folks today cannot take an expensive vacation. So the bride and groom can expect to have a small wedding.

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  4. A Destination Wedding is ususally a wedding out of state/country that the bride and grooms family live in. An example is if someone lives in NJ lets say, and they are having a "destination wedding", the wedding ceremony and reception may be taking place in Mexico or the Florida Keys. Anyplace far enough from the family that they have to fly there.

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  5. Wedding says:

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