Kids flying on a plane“I can go anywhere …”

Everyone is frightened of something, but sometimes our fears can prevent us from exploring our world. Most of the time, facing our fears can help us overcome them. But what if the fear is your child’s? And what if it’s his or her fear of flying that makes going to see grandma or taking a family vacation a nightmare … for everyone?

LeVar Burton, host of PBS’s Reading Rainbow, tackles this challenge in a special video that parents can show their children during this holiday travel season to relieve any stress. LeVar takes 8-year old Sai, a child with an actual fear of flying, through his first-ever flight to help him overcome his fear. Watch as the airplane’s pilot and LeVar take this young flyer through the experience — one that many families will encounter this holiday season. You child will learn how safe and fun flying can be, but you don’t have to take our word for it!

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  1. Let's remember travel mode alternative too!

  2. helpingtimes says:

    I go through your post, very nice post, will wait for future posts. thanks.

  3. poohbear says:

    wow my kids will never travel in that type of cabin!! reading through as much of these stories as I can. Starting this summer I have to start going on a 2 flights per month for an intensive job hunt and it's absolutely mind boggling how I would even be able to manage this. About 10 years ago I was on a very stressful flight over Europe. Turbulence, violent turbulence, stalled engine, and emergency landing and a lot of bumps and bruises. Every since, I've tried to drive, bus or train But now I HAVE to fly for my job. My friends suggested therapy, hypnosis, pills, Benadryl, etc. I never tried to 'work it out' myself but I thought that I needed to. Anyway, I found a few good articles online with some tips and I think some will definitely help but in the end, I still think therapy is the best way. Try going here… and then scroll to the bottom where the site has a downloadable pdf file that is pretty helpful with some tips and suggestions. I can't comment on the program he recommended as I think therapy is what I would ultimately do but the pdf at least was a very very very good read.

  4. FirmanS says:

    That's a nice cabin, a very nice one, including especially for children.
    Read this blog :… …. and you will learn many useful information as well.

  5. bеstеssays says:

    Children's are always afraid of flaying and they never want to spend their days in the airplanes. Parents should give them confidence to fly with them.

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