The day has finally come. Almost a decade after the release of the first Anchorman film, Ron Burgundy and the KVWN San Diaaaaago news team are back. Yesterday marked the highly anticipated (and cameo-packed) release of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, where anchorman (NOT anchorlady) Ron Burgundy and his news team take their … er… talents … to “GNN,” the very first 24-hour cable news network.

At the Washington, DC, premiere, (at the Newseum — of course!), actor David Koechner was on hand  to quell the audience’s fears that the sequel wouldn’t live up to the original — and to get a look at the museum’s new Anchorman exhibit. On display until August 31, 2014, the exhibit features props, costumes and footage from the movies — including Ron’s jazz flute, mustache comb and signature burgundy suit. Visitors can pose for photos at the KVWN anchor desk and learn about the challenges women faced breaking into the news business in the 1970s. The highlight, though … in my opinion anyway … is the bottle of “Sex Panther” cologne that Brian Fantana wore in his attempt to woo Veronica Corningstone. After all, it’s “illegal in 9 countries,” “made with bits of real panther,” and “60% of the time it works … every time.”

Get a look at Will Ferrell touring the new exhibit:

YouTube Preview Image


Hotel Helix

Visitors to DC looking to stay classy can also take advantage of a new package that the Hotel Helix is offering in conjunction with the opening of the Newseum’s new exhibit. Ask for the “CLASSY” rate when you book, and you’ll receive 2 glasses of “scotchy, scotch, scotch” in the lounge, 2 tickets to the Newseum, along with a felt mustache and comb to keep you looking as good as Ron Burgundy himself.

Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

Have you seen Anchorman 2 yet? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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