International Spy MuseumGet ready for an all-new season of the shocking, remarkable and downright baffling mysteries behind the artifacts that are hidden away in our country’s museums, just waiting for Don Wildman to tell their stories. Tonight at 9|8c, explore some of the country’s most popular, as well as the most obscure, museums on the season premiere of Mysteries at the Museum.

On tonight’s episode, Don uncovers the story behind a piece of paper on display at the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC. The scroll was a secret message from one of the Civil War’s most unlikely spies that led to a decisive victory for the North. Don also finds a musical instrument that was thought to be a miracle cure-all and a car that promised to save Americans from outrageous fuel costs.

Catch up on the mysteries of seasons past with Don’s picks for the Most Shocking Museum Mysteries. Then, plan a mystery-hunting museum tour of your own with our guide to the Top 10 Free Museums in the US!

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