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On Mon., Jan. 27 @ 8|7c, Travel Channel hosts will bring you the very best of Spain and Morocco on The Trip: 2014. What can you expect to see? Luxurious accommodations, savory Spanish tapas, Moroccan adventures and more insider experiences, naturally.

Be among the first to enter for a chance to win The Trip: 2014, just tell us: Are you more excited to experience Spain or Morocco? One lucky winner will get to experience both on this $100,000, dream getaway — so vote early and often!

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23 Responses

  1. Cindy O says:

    Morocco! I have been to Spain (even though I didn't see much of it). But there is something about Morocco that seems so much more exotic.

  2. Mokotedi Mogadime says:

    Hotel Impossible! I think of Antony each time I check in into a hotel. Was in a budget hotel in Guangzhou China recently, LOL, he would have had fired the manager on the spot.

  3. Carolyn parker says:

    Morocco OMG Pick me please

  4. Vera Kaye says:

    I would love a Spain and Morocco adventure! Bring it on, lady luck!

  5. Denelaine Javillo says:

    i love morocco and spain..wish me luck

  6. Leticia Newman says:

    It would be an opportunity for me to make a side-trip to Gessen,Germanyy to visit my daughter who is ill. Thank you.

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  8. Gail Waits says:

    My husband and I have been married 43 years. We never had a honeymoon and never have been able to afford vacations. My dad is from Portugal and my husbands family lived in Morroco while his dad was in the service. It would be so exciting to see these places where our families were.

  9. everette holland says:

    have been to spain in the 70's while in military, would love to go now believe i would be able to enjoy the spanish life, more laidback than the u.s. if i had my wish i would move to PALMA SPAIN to live! the most beautiful place on earth i have had the pleasure to visit!

  10. david langston says:

    I lived in spain as a child for three years. Would love to go back and reenjoy that beautiful country

  11. Deborah Harvey says:

    Would love to go to Spain have always dreamed of going but just a little out budget.

  12. Faith says:

    I am equally excited to see both places as I've never been to either! It's would be a dream come true to see these places in person during my lifetime. My husband and I could never afford a honeymoon, this would be an amazing anniversary trip! Fingers crossed XX :)

  13. Shayelin says:

    Morocco looks wonderful. I would like to enter not for myself but for my mother whose raised me on her own. She's the hardest working person I know (working 3 jobs and putting herself through college with no family or help from anyone) and generous, she's given me everything I needed and always put other peoples needs before her own. I don't know anyone else who deserves it more than her. I will be graduating high school this May and would love to be able to present her with the vacation of a lifetime! Please pick me!!

  14. Sonia says:

    Me and my husband have been married for 35 years and never had a honeymoon this would be our dream come true

  15. matt Allen says:

    That's sweet lets party cocktails and wet dreams. Matt Allen

  16. Robin Durham says:

    I can truly say it would be a dream come true for such an experience . My heart's desire is to see such wonder. I dropped to my knees in awe when I saw the trip preview on The Travel Channel. My husband is in remission 2 years after cancer treatments. When staring death in the face you analyze living life to to fullest. Please help us do that. This is a lifelong dream to see both Spain and Morocco.

  17. free sprit says:

    This trip would wonderful for me and my best friend and that's my mother!!!! I love you mom life is nothing without you and god.

  18. Jill S says:


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  20. This trip would wonderful

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