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Where is the gayest city in America? Each year, The Advocate magazine releases its surprising list of LGBT-friendly cities and this year was no different. You won’t believe which city made it to the top of their list — well, I couldn’t believe it. Don’t expect to see the usual suspects like New York City, San Francisco or LA on their list; they didn’t even crack the top 10 cities.

Before we reveal the cities on this coveted list — here’s a quick rundown of how the magazine chose these cities. The criteria is based on a points system, which this year included points for a city’s LGBT elected officials; points for the percentage of the population composed of lesbian-coupled households; a point for a gay rodeo association; points for bars listed in Out magazine’s 200 Best Bars list; a point per women’s college; and yes, even points for concert performances by Mariah Carey, Pink, Lady Gaga or the Jonas Brothers.

Instead of boring you with more info about how the per capita LGBT quotient is calculated, it’s time to reveal the Gayest City in America. And it is …

Washington, DC! The nation’s capital came in at the top because of its 17 gay elected officials, gay-friendly neighborhoods and nightlife. I was confused that DC’s nightlife was part of its winning criteria, especially after a few gay bars and establishments have closed their doors to LGBT patrons, like the 45-year-old DC Eagle will do at the end of this month. (Note: The bar is tentatively scheduled to reopen in a larger location in Northeast DC later this year). But maybe Washington, DC, is a shining example of how the LGBT community has and should be more of an integrated part of the larger, mainstream community. Take a look at the top 15 gayest cities and tell us if you think The Advocate is right or missed the mark.

1. Washington, DC
2. Pasadena, CA
3. Seattle
4. Cambridge, MA
5. Atlanta
6. St. Louis
7. Madison, WI
8. Salt Lake City
9. Oakland, CA
10. Arlington, VA
11. San Francisco
12. Rochester, NY
13. Orlando, FL
14. Long Beach, CA
15. Pittsburgh

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8 Responses

  1. Talking Head says:

    Why is Travel Channel injecting sexual orientation info on a travel site? Great way to alienate the majority of your viewers.

  2. clay says:

    I refuse to believe that Atlanta is gayer than San Fransisco. They have flag ralies in San Francisco like every month. Never seen one in Georgia.

  3. Heriberto says:

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  4. This info is so cool! thanks.

  5. John Grimm says:

    Most Liberal Cities
    (1.) San Francisco, California
    (2.) Washington, D.C.
    (3.) Seattle, Washington
    (4.) Oakland, California
    (5.) Boston, Massachusetts
    (6.) Minneapolis, Minnesota
    (7.)Detroit, Michigan
    (8.) New York, New York
    (9.) Buffalo, New York
    (10.) Baltimore, Maryland

    • John Grimm says:

      Washington, D.C. might be the gayest city in the United States
      but Washington, DC is not the most Liberal city in the United States
      sorry for your luck it sucks to be you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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