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From the stories hidden within the walls of Buckingham Palace to the brutal history behind some of the world’s most infamous castles, tonight is a night of mansions — and the rich and powerful who once resided in them.

Beginning at 9|8c, Greatest Mysteries’ Don Wildman takes us to London to uncover the secrets surrounding the most famous residence in the city: Buckingham Palace. Hear the tales of espionage, theft and attempted murder hidden behind the palace’s fortress-like walls.

Then at 10|9c, the premiere of Castle Secrets & Legends takes us to Frankenstein’s castle in Germany to reveal the true story of the scientist rumored to be conducting experiments on corpses. We also visit an English castle that’s not only the location of PBS’s Downton Abbey, but also home to a few cursed secrets hidden deep in its history.  See a French fortress that held a still-unidentified prisoner famous for his iron mask, a manor that was the site of an illicit affair, and more.

Can’t get enough castles? Find out more about Downton Abbey tours, see our picks for the world’s best castles, and check out the Castle Secrets & Legends travel guide to learn where you should go next!


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  1. missg says:

    Saw Hammond castle in the preview. ..when is that episode?

  2. very nice Legendary Castle.

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