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Today marks the official savory-and-sweet National Popcorn Day. It’s time not only to celebrate the buttery, salty goodness of movie theater popcorn but also the cheese, caramel, chocolate (and many more) flavors that we simply can’t get enough of!

No one seems to know why or when the very first official National Popcorn Day started, but according to the Popcorn Board — yes, there is one — the end of January, also around Super Bowl time, was the official beginning, which seems to make the most sense. Why? Well, aside from eating chicken wings and drinking beer, lots of football fans also enjoy bowls of popcorn while watching the big game.

Over the years, the flavor of popcorn has changed. Some like it hot and spicy and others, sweet and savory. In Ocean City, NJ, one of the best boardwalk treats is Johnson’s Popcorn, offering caramel-coated popcorn.


Bag of Garrett Popcorn

Many people have made a name for themselves, all in the name of popcorn. The next time you’re in Chicago stop over at Garrett’s Popcorn and sample their Almond CaramelCrisp , Pecan CaramelCrisp, Cashew CaramelCrisp, cheese-flavored popcorn and more!

Also in Chicago is Berco’s Popcorn, where their caramel popcorn is dusted with — wait for this — gold flakes! I’d say try it, at least once, even if 2 tin gallons will run you $250. But we only live once, right?

As we celebrate popcorn on this special day, let’s not forget that it wasn’t more than 2 years ago that gourmet popcorn became all the craze, the way cupcakes, macaroons and now donuts have been the talk of the town. Wedding guests were welcomed with reception tables lined with beautiful glass and vintage canisters, packed full of a variety of popcorn flavors accompanied by goodie bags as a take-home treat for all wedding attendees.

Gone are the days of popping Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn on our kitchen stove. No way, not when you’ve got caramel popcorn dusted in gold flakes to sample! (Nothing personal, Mr. Redenbacher.)

What’s your favorite popcorn flavor? Tell us in the Comments section below.





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  1. In Europe is no National Popcorn Day :(

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