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Today, cheese lovers across America will ‘brie’ in cheese heaven celebrating National Cheese Lover’s Day. Whether you’re at home or planning a visit to Vermont’s cheese trail, it’s a day when you and fellow cheese lovers can enjoy anything and everything, well, “cheesy.”

While most cheese in the US is made from cow’s milk, there are still a variety of cheeses made from the milk of other farm animals, including goats, sheep, deer and llamas. Today, there are more than 900 different types of cheeses, which vary by age, texture, color and flavor. In 2012, the USDA found that an average of 33.51 pounds of cheese per capita was consumed in the US; that’s the most amount of cheese consumption on record. (And fun fact: The most commonly consumed cheeses in the US are cheddar, burrata, gouda, feta and mozzarella.) But don’t feel bad, the average person in France consumes almost double that each year!

In honor of National Cheese Lover’s Day, visit the Vermont Cheese Trail, home to more than 40 farms and creameries that specialize in producing more than 150 types of cheeses, made from cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk. If you’re looking for even more variety, the Wisconsin Cheese Tour visits a number of spots, including cheese factories and specialty shops, as well as breweries and wineries that provide visitors with the best cheese-pairing beverages.

For those staying put at home, celebrate the day by savoring your favorite slice of cheese, or by cooking up some of the classic food items that cheese lovers of all ages enjoy — grilled cheese, mac ‘n’ cheese, pizza and fondue.

So for all you cheese lovers out there, sit back, relax and enjoy a cheese-ful day!

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