The rumors are true: Zak Bagans has purchased a house in Gary, IN, that has earned a reputation as a “Portal to Hell.” The unassuming house on a quiet street has been a nightmare for Latoya Ammons and her 3 children, who were all possessed by some evil entity. An intervention by the Department of Child Services, a hospital evaluation and even a police investigation were all followed by the first authorized exorcism in the Diocese of Gary, IN, in 21 years.

“This case has so many different credible sources,” Zak explains, “from CPS workers to the captain of the police department, that witnessed things that most people don’t even believe in.”

But why would someone purchase this haunted house?

“Something called me to the house,” Zak told Inside Edition. “And in some weird way, I was able to connect with the landlord and it just happened. I obtained the house, and I’m going to be heading there soon to see if [the stories are] true.”

It’s hard not to believe the accounts of the possessions and exorcisms that occurred in this house. From the swarms of flies that won’t go away to the suspicious dirt floor beneath the basement stairs, this house may reveal answers to the questions about the paranormal that Ghost Adventures has been investigating all along.

Zak adds, “It’s very scary, people can get hurt, people can die, but these are the answers I want to know, about this side of life that we may all face after death.”

Will we see a lockdown in the “Portal to Hell”? Will Aaron investigate alone in the basement?

You’ll get the chance to ask these questions and more on Saturday, Feb 15 at 10|9c when we host a live Google+ Hangout video chat in the #GAFanLair immediately after the season premiere! Tweet your questions to @ghostadventures now and on the night of the premiere.

“I love a good investigation. I love the adventure. I love the challenge. I love the unknown.” – @Zak_Bagans


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  1. Candice says:

    Can't wait to see what Zak will find!

  2. Sue says:

    Awesome, have always wanted to go to a haunted place. Have fun, be safe!

  3. Kelly says:

    Regardless of people's criticism, I am very happy for him. I hope this purchase helps him find answers for not only himself, but for so many of us that are also looking for an understanding of our own experiences. Congratulations Zak!!!

  4. paranormal Fanatic says:

    Sweet! I had a feeling Zak was going to jump on this case…but buy "the portal to hell"? Even sweeter!!

  5. Monica says:

    Pleas be careful.

  6. Clare says:

    Hey atleast he bought it…now the children wont have to live there any longer as well.

  7. Eva DellaGuardia says:

    I cannot wait for the season premiere, I love this show and am eager to see the house Zak bought.

  8. barbara schultz says:

    I can't wait to hear more about this. I'm very interested in this story. Just be careful!

  9. Lisa C. says:

    I agree with you Zak, the unknown is very interesting. Huge challenge. I live one mile away from Gary. Im a huge fan. Ive seen all of your episodes several times over and have had experiences since i was 9 years old. Starting in Hawaii….night marchers, etc. All very intriguing.

  10. TJfromWA says:

    Better have a lockdown there! I'm excited to hear more..

  11. kelly says:

    what part of gary, Indiana is it. my home town is griffith. i watch your shows every week dont miss an episdoed. this will be interesting to watch. griffith also has a story of RR. which is referred to Redar Road.

    • Sean says:

      The address is 3860 Carolina street. Its on a dead end street 2nd house on the end its not to far from broadway and off ridge road

  12. shannon says:

    Why go to the demonic world Zac? Thats not entertaining when we like you.

  13. Ralph says:

    I want to go!

  14. Gary Smells says:

    It's possible this is where the smell in Gary, IN is coming from.

  15. Aaron Hughes says:

    Can't wait…….. ALH

  16. Ashley says:

    Can not wait to see an episode about it!

  17. John says:

    I am already getting goosebumps and hopefully this house will reveal its true evil entity.If Aron doesnt want to go alone in the basement tell him i will be more then happy to join him or go on my own .Wow !!! that would be awesome.

  18. Sara says:

    Hah. My first thought after reading the family's story was how long it would take Zak to get into the house…good luck and don't die.

  19. Lula says:

    You are truly a daredevil, my friend, but it is good to know somebody in this planet is enjoying, life and death to the fullest ……

  20. Brandy says:

    Can't wait to see it!

  21. Turtle Lady says:

    somehow i'm not surprised Zak bought a haunted house. it was just a matter of time. good for you, Zak and happy haunting!

  22. johhny bonez says:

    I knew u guys would probably do a lock down, but to purchase it…its insanely awesome! Congrats ans we shall wait and see.

  23. Gretchen says:

    Zak, I realize you are not afraid of the paranormal-and I really enjoy your investigations. My question is this- what if you are drawn to this "house of hell" because it wants to take your life, would you be able to stop the evil, before it does?

  24. Robert says:

    Crazy stuff, be careful, at the same time, I don't suppose you can ask a ghost(s) what they know of ufo's & aliens at the same time why'll you're at it, eh? Maybe we'll find out everything then about those things too since they can go anywhere, anytime, just a thought. All the best. :)

  25. herbert says:

    Poor Aaron. The guinea pig of experiments

  26. Stacey says:

    Zak this is going to be very interesting. I wish you luck and please be safe! This house was built for you!

  27. Bill Uvanile says:


  28. Bill S says:

    Good luck Zac

  29. thomas says:

    i leave in gary in i want to b there in the demon house in gary indiana when ur at the house reply back

  30. Carol W. says:

    Can I come?

  31. Anthony says:

    So is there going to be a three hour long, commercial-less special about this?

  32. MARSI says:


  33. Lester Fiend says:

    According to Mormon doctrine and backed by biblical teachings, Satan and the third of the host of heaven we're not cast down to hell, but here to this earth. I have no doubts that demons, devils and other unborn spirits haunt places like this.

    The other side to the coin is that these spirits will never be born. None will possess their own body, but the bodies of others. Here is where he has power to bruise our heel – and we have power to crush his head.

  34. james w hogg says:

    Ill investigate the basement alone. If Aaron Wont.—true story just give me the chance.

  35. Diane says:

    Can I go with you to your 1st investigation there and my 1st ever investigation??

  36. johnny m says:

    is this season 9?????

  37. pinkie7775 says:

    Sweetchezz! !!

  38. nora says:

    Think is great love the shows

  39. Sally says:

    Absolutely <3 ur show, always glued to every episode…Cant wait! Sooo excited!

  40. CaliWriter says:

    It will be interesting to see what Zak and crew come up with. Dirt floor beneath?? My old house had nothing but a dirt floor beneath the house, it had been a carriage house so no foundation was ever set just pillars holding it up so not real sure what just a dirt floor might mean. Good luck, I've had my run-ins with demons, Zak can have them ;)

  41. tasha says:

    My question would be .other then for entertainment .what would u do with? the property .i my self love that show but really. what do u do with something like that?

  42. rfrescatore says:

    I'll tell you… I was skeptical of Zak at the beginning. But, over the years, I've become a believer. Not in spirits… but in Zak. I just hope he can remain grounded. I think he's, genuinely, a good guy… with a mission. I admire that.

  43. James O says:

    Why do Spirits seem to get angry when I walk into any room that they might be in and I always seem to get this ready to squabble smirk when they get angry??…hmmmm

  44. Andrew says:

    Love the show best of luck from a fan Andrew be safe.

  45. patricia says:

    It will be interesting but be careful.

  46. lori says:

    be careful Zak!

  47. Wendy jones says:

    This is gonna be so interesting I watch your shows n I feel the chills n the noises n this is something that zack n his crew thrive for n makes their investigation worth doin. Now that zack has this house it's going to be more interesting i will b tuned in on the 15th n I can't wait !

    • Wendy jones says:

      Ok I will b waiting I just am a big fan of zak n his crew I love the show n feel the chills n hear the noises I just thrive on the stuff he thrives for

  48. Erin Miller says:

    Very excited to see what this season shall bring to all fans of GA and I really hope they come back yo San Antonio Texas and really visit true haunted places that are way more haunted than the Black Swan Inn which I was so disappointed in viewing because we have the Alamo and many other locations here.

  49. Dannythomas says:

    Good luck zak come back to us as zak bagans gods bless your crew take care

  50. Scott says:

    I am VERY pleased to read this! makes my week! I have been interested in each news story about this family and residence. WONDERFUL that ZB has jumped in!

    Scott in Colorado

  51. Annmarie says:

    Oh my god zak please u and your team please be careful and good luck in hour investigation I hope you find which u seek just please be careful

  52. Brandon says:

    When are you guys going to investigate Alister Crowleys house? that was stated to be in Michigan. He was known as the most evil satanic practitioner of all.

    I am also a sceptic and would like to be a guest on the show, could you fulfill my dream?

    from California

  53. Dee says:

    I hope they do a segment on the house. I would love to see it.

  54. tasha says:

    Or shall i say better yet.what do u do with the property after all said and done after its apeal has worn off to whomever owns it next ?i am a firm believer .don't get me wrong i would just like to come to a understanding .of what is to become. of a place like this.

  55. Bael says:

    Its there,waiting patiently Zac.

  56. Keli says:

    We live only about 8 blocks away.we would really love to meet Zak,Nick,and Aaron.we have been watching u guys since the beginning .we strongly believe in the paranormal.we even think my daughter which is 14 can see ghost.she has seen them since she was little.Zak you should email us when you come into I said it would be really cool to meet all of you and my daughter said she really wants to ask you guys some question so can understand some more about what she sees..

  57. Brian says:

    Way to go can't wait til we get to see the reports of what you encounter in your new house

  58. Stefanie says:


  59. Sarah bear says:

    Make sure to wear your armor of white light guys! Good luck, I can't wait for the new season:)

  60. Bryanna Ireland says:

    Omg I hope that they spirits don't like tattoos!!! ;)

  61. Nicklaus says:


  62. Rebecca Steele says:

    Please be careful in this house! I enjoy your show so much! I can't wait till your new season starts! You do an excellent job! I wish you would come to investigate colonial Williamsburg in Virginia! I would love to see this!

  63. kim says:

    This is one investigation my daughter and I are so excited to see. Would love to get more information on the accounts of what went on in the house. The house is in the hands of the best person for the investigation.

  64. Shannon says:

    Hope they tape a show about it we all want to see an episode of this portal house

  65. Chris Rekowski says:

    Be safe Zak and take the necessary precautions ahead of time before you go in and investigate your new property.

  66. Connie says:

    Please make sure you have security when you come into town. Its not very safe around there.

  67. Leslie says:

    Such interesting & frightening events that have happened in that home. Can't wait to hear details from Zak's accounts there. Be safe.

  68. Matthew says:

    I would love the chance to spend a night, even a week if possible in the house. An entire day in just about every room. A chance like this at a place only an hour drive away. Too bad it's probably just a dream and not a real possibility.

  69. Max says:

    How can you understand within the parameters of the finite what is infinite? How can you gage what is immortal with the mortal? Lastly…
    How can you intrigue and question what has been established as evil and trust you will get truth in regards to your questions?
    It doesn't make any sense to me… I can't ask you to be careful if you proceeded to do this because their is no careful way of dealing and inviting this sort of thing in your life with out opening yourself to the evil that lies in those dark places. I only pray that God intervenes and protects you from what you so willingly are walking into.

  70. stacey harris says:

    So..the 15th.. Zak's having a "Happy House Haunting Party" :) A "hole" new meaning to "hell house"

  71. Renee says:

    I read somewhere that the "ghost" in the window is photo shopped. Wonder if that's true.

  72. vicky says:

    Wish they would come back to the uk ( london) .xx

  73. C Grendy says:

    Will Zak accept guests?

  74. Darrell says:

    Hey Zak, just curious when you became aware of the house?
    I look forward to your straight up investigation, sounds like there will not be a need for drama in this one…

  75. jimmy says:

    I'll rent it from you Zak. Give me a shout!!

  76. Tyson says:

    Aaron needs a raise. He does the "X's" no one else wants to do and is only titled the camera/video tech or whatever. Zach always teams himself up with Nick I believe because he's scared. I would be too

  77. Cory Godin says:

    I think he will have an investigation of the house because it's zack! of course he will, if he didn't it just wouldn't be him!
    And to me, I think that it should be investigated because these stories that we are hearing about the house would only go unproven and the nightmares would continue. I hope and pray that you will Investigate it Zack!

  78. Ginger Smith says:

    Well Zak Good luck. Your the one that has the skill to find the truth. May god bless you and protect you in this search. I'll be watching as always. Lots of positive vibes and thoughts <3

  79. Toni Ward says:

    This will be so exciting for me because Zak and the crew also investigated a place in my hometown, New Castle, IN. They did a great job! Gary, IN. Is about 3 hours from us. Can't wait to see what happens there. I've followed u guys ever since u started. Even though u don't know me, I am so proud of your work. Zak, is my favorite because he reminds me of my brother. He's into weight lifting to. I'm sorry I have rattled on. Welcome…to….Indiana guys . Love u!

  80. Kelly says:

    Congrats Zak! I hope to see more of the house on up-coming episodes. I love the show!!

  81. Lee says:

    I knew you guys would be all over this, but buying the place? That's awesome bro.

  82. Rebecca Prizzi says:

    I am a huge fan! And have been since the beginning.
    I can't wait for this episode because I saw the news article on line. How crazy is this!?

  83. Damin T says:

    Zak….you're crazy dude!

  84. Liz Dratch says:

    Ought to be real interesting to see for yourself if all the claims are true. I lived in a haunted home for over 6 years & experienced many unusual occurrences but was not afraid. This sounds like there will be a major fear factor as you explore this place. Good luck & be safe.

  85. karen says:

    Put god first! And stay safe.. don't go in there alone.

  86. Cyndi Reece says:

    Good luck to you Zak,just be careful!!!! Hope this house is one of your investgations!!!

  87. firemass888 says:

    Very cool. Takes his work very seriously. Hopefully it doesn't consume him in the process…

  88. Sandy says:

    This is great! I'm happy for him. I just hope he is careful and that things don't get too ugly. Congrats and good luck Zak!

  89. Tony says:

    THAT'S SOOO FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Oh trust me… I can bet that ZaK, Nick & Aaron can't wait to do the lock down!! And as for this loyal fan, I CAN'T WAIT EITHER!!!!

  90. Heather H says:

    I would love to spend the night with Zak Bagans! He is just so yummy!!

  91. debra says:

    Zack, I'm a big fan and love the show. Do you think that maybe you were meant to find this house that maybe someone or somethimg whats you too come there? This seems to me that something is just waiting for you. I saw you on TMZ and I'm sending you and your crew prayers I think you are going to need the hand of God in that house.

  92. Cheryl Lowe says:

    good luck and be safe, we would hate to see you all hurt, and Aron yes he will do it all by his self just love his expressions, love you guys

  93. Robin Felldin says:

    Ghost Adventure Guys ~~ So brave ! I know I wouldn't knowingly purchase a haunted house ~~ way too scary for me !!! Good Luck Zak. I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

  94. Ken Campbell says:

    So far we have lots of anecdotal evidence presented regards supposed "demonic" forces at work. This smacks of a 21st Century "Amityville" and history reveals how that turned out. I await with baited breath the revelations.

  95. Elle says:

    I love Ghost Adventures!!! But I'm worried about you guys! Be careful!!! Can't wait to see this house on Ghost Adventures!!

  96. rebecca prater says:

    Zak please please be careful, its Gary Indiana, I live an hour away. The neighborhood is way more dangerous than the demons. Its just like the Linda Vista Hospital,

  97. Brandi says:

    I love this show. I have 3 dogs I was home watching this show I had all the lights off and all of a sudden I heard a strange noise and I thought oh shit something coming to get me. It was my dog in the kithen scratching with hes foo thumping the floor. I about crapped myself. Love ya all. Be safe

  98. Jeanne says:

    I want this house! I lived just a few hours drive for first 54 years of my life. I want to move back! This is such a beautiful home, and a beautiful area to live. I am an environmentalist, the area can only be helped by that.

  99. Robin says:

    I believe you're strong enough to face whatever you need to face Zak. Your work means so much to so many people. Really its inspiring what tou're doing.. a chance for people to understand and become empowered, through what you've learned and shared…thanks for keeping up the 'good fight' !!

  100. Angela Allen says:

    Absolutely awesome :p I wanna come to the lock down. I love Ghost Adventures and the guys are awesome. I have had "experiences" all my life and I never miss Ghost Adventures. Its nice to see others who believe what I believe and Im very interested about this house. Ive read the whole story about the Ammons family. Good luck and stay safe ecspecially if you plan on living there, which I read somewhere you were.. YIKES.. Thanks for the story Amanda

  101. VERONICA says:


  102. sandy says:

    I am so very happy that Zak bought this very haunted house, we will get to see hands on work done by Ghost Adventures, I can't wait until their actual show to air in this house. This house is obviously haunted and I hope that the Ghost Adventures will stay safe in this house with all the Evil in there!!!

  103. Gina says:

    I can't wait…. Been watching this show since day one… I buy every season the day it comes out!!! I love learning about the afterlife

  104. Matt says:

    I do want to see what is lurking inside… Maybe a few vlogs or an full-time investigation would be great.

  105. Ashleigh says:

    Be praying for everyone's safety! Becareful Aaron cos you will be the crash test dummy!

  106. lisa antunez says:

    I love your show please post on utube or somewhere were I can watch I dont have cable anymore please love u guys be safe

  107. Brenda norris says:

    I was hoping you would do an investigation after I heard you bought the house. Hope to see it on one of your shows :)

  108. cheryl ray says:

    im very excited.

  109. steve says:

    I can't wait…best documentive paranormal show on t.v. by far none…..Steve from Rhode Island

  110. Allison Dorris says:

    So glad GA will be investigating this house and family!

  111. J. Simmons says:

    I would give just about anything to investigate your new acquisition Zac. Keep me in mind. I may just surprise you :)

  112. Davin says:

    I'll stay in those for a week if they want

  113. John says:

    Fantastic, I'm sure this also helped out the landlord

  114. Jody Cooper says:

    Congrates Zak…wishing you all the Best.!

  115. keith says:

    Hey i live close to gary would love to come help with that investigation . very strong in my faith very opened minded .i dont normally do anything like this but something told me to .

  116. Danni says:

    Zak, Nick and Aaron know what they are doing. But I would go spiritually prepared on all levels with this one…

  117. Doesn't anything scare you ?

  118. hurtha1 says:

    I laugh really hard every time Aaron screams like a girl…but just know that I understand that he is genuinely freaked out when this happens. I am concerned for your safety, yet I can't stop watching to see what might happen next. Be careful my friend….. (I hope you didn't pay too much for a house nobody can live in?)

  119. tcrafty says:

    Should be interesting!!!!

  120. Maurice Lewis says:

    This is just too cool guys. You get to investigate as much as you want and add long as needed to get those actual manifestations the world had been waiting on. Can't wait to see what you capture. Wish my house was haunted. How cool would that be to be able to investigate an actual haunted house.

  121. Tiffany says:

    Wow that's so cool!! I can't wait to see what he finds!

  122. Guadalupe Ramirez says:

    Hey Zak I have one question for you dont you find it odd that you where able to conect with the landlord and purchase a house that is obviously infested with Demons I honestly think that you have been communicating with demons since you where attacked at Bob Mackys and they have been guiding you to fame and fortune but I dont believe that you would sell yoyr soul for fame its just a change I noticed a while back and wanted to let you know mt concerns well I doubt you will ever read this but if you do I know yiu have a strong will and can overcome this

  123. Dave From Edm, AB says:

    Zak, if you do do a lockdown, in the "Portal to Hell," will you use the Ovilus, as well as the SB7? And, as you always ask your clients, what do you hope to accomplish here? Will you ever sleep in your new "digz."

  124. Lori says:

    Good for you zack your not afraid of the unknown a lockdown show if your new digs would be awesome to watch! Love your show you guys are the best

  125. Marilyn Quinn says:

    I grew up in an old house with a dirt basement and a well. I lived in our attic for a time and finding dead flies on one attic room window sill. I never felt really scared; sometimes I felt like. Was being watched I wonder if what Zak finds may not be so evil. Go in with an open mind.

  126. Linda hand says:

    Love you guys and the ghost adventures! Be safe in your adventures . Tell Aaron keep the humor ,love his expressions.wish you well. A fan for life!

  127. Nathan says:

    one of these times, I believe it would be very exciting and fun if I could be apart of one of you're lock-downs :)

  128. Jeanette Lehman says:

    Gary, IN…made me think back to Stephen King's IT..Pennywise the clown..LOL.
    I would totally love to investigate that house and be able to hang out with Zak and the gang!!! I really wanna see this episode!!

  129. Janice says:

    Can't wait to see this on an episode of Ghost Adventures!! Keep hunting my friends. I love what you do!!!

  130. Laura says:

    Can't wait until the premiere. I had scary movies that deal with the "afterlife" but an really drawn to your show because you guys go about it in a scientific and gut feeling way. You dont get too theatrical and even have a laugh, it's the whole package. All of this makes me very curious yet scared the hell out of me. I believe in a spirit relm but so many questions that I hope you guys can begin to answer, be safe!

  131. Andrew peacock says:

    Mr. Bagans,

    I have become a huge friend of the show and find the mysteries surrounding the after-life as compelling as you do. I believe you and your friends have the greatest chance at answering these questions. Take care with these investigations sir, as the more you knock on the Devils door the sooner he WILL answer.

  132. kaila says:

    That is so awesome. I hope you can find out what is in that house! Best of luck!
    -Kaila from East Moline, Il

  133. Nikki says:

    Okay, so siked to see this home on Gary. Is it gonna be the season finale? Or maybe a special? Let us know!!! – Nikki in Jersey

  134. Suzee says:

    This is very intriguing to me…
    I watch ur show and it boggles my mind when in wat u do to intagonize the spirit's knowing that they could and have turned on you. You are very brave along with you team. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the episode on February 15th. :)

  135. Gretchen Duty says:

    well….. i love you guys, keep up the great work. Thanks for the ghostly adventures. Gretchen Duty

  136. Olivia says:

    This is so awesome can't wait!

  137. Bobbi says:

    Cant wait to see my fav guys do a lock down on this place… Just be safe guys, We all love ya.. ♥Bobbi♥

  138. crystal says:

    Zack is awesome!!! Can not wait for the event new season, by the way aaron use to be funny, what happened?

  139. Carrie says:

    I would love to see ghost adventures investigate this place. .My curiosity cord has been struck. But with evil, I perfer to keep my distance. It speads like a disease. I feel terrible for the family that had to go through all that hell.

  140. Pam Puciata says:

    Ryan Buell said he is skeptical about the house! What do u say to this remark, Zak?

  141. Dano martinez says:

    Zack your an inspiration and the craziest best paranormal investigator on earth!! Good luck with your new research. Stay safe bro

  142. Dee says:

    I hope you find the answers you seek in this house, and pray that you guys come out well in your investigation.

  143. Kim says:

    Ok Zak, lets not fool around here. Will you give us a look? If you do, we need to talk about the exaggerated responses to your spirits. I understand its exciting because I live day to day with several in my home but come on, you screw up the video sometimes and totally miss things when you guys are jumping around. You have been doing this long enough that you should be able to control yourselves. Also, be safe. Blessings and light to all of you.

  144. laurie says:

    Been a fan since the beginning. Some houses are pure evil, just like the famous Hinsdale house in NY

  145. Rascal says:

    Looking forward to any evidence GAC gathers.

  146. Stephen Sincoskie says:

    I'll be interested to see what the team uncovers but having read the many accounts I have my doubts about its authenticity. Most questionable to me is the credibility of the Reverend in this case. I seriously doubt the Catholic Church would allow an inexperienced Reverend perform an exorcism, let alone 3. He told the homeowner to look up demons she thought were responsible on the internet so he can address them? That is the major part of the rite of exorcism. The priest must get the demon to identify itself so it may then be cast out. That takes a very long time. Also, he told her to write down the name of a demon she believes was possessing her and put it in an envelope to burn it if she gets taken by it again? That's a new one. Also, the "rev." doesn't recall the demons name? If she was possessed by a demon, she obviously still is since he must not have exorcised it.
    Love the show and looking forward to watching the investigation.

  147. Missi says:

    So, who's gonna live there Zak? Better yet, turn it into a paranormal research hub/group/site open to groups from around the nation. Kind of a Haunted Research Bed and Breakfast.

  148. G.A. Fan says:

    Aaron in the basement as usual!

  149. pennygrove says:

    I live in Michigan city,I can't wait,I love your show and I wish you all luck, and I hope that you find the answers we hope you find!! Go get em!!!!

  150. Jessie says:

    It's all part of being a Paranormal Researcher. We are seeking answers and just want to collect evidence. I've had numerous personal experiences and this is what led me down the path of doing investigations. It can be dangerous, but it's what we do. Good luck Zak.

  151. dixie says:

    I love your show. And love the fact that u try and help families out. I really look up to u guys and have many times wanted to do this my self but never knew how to go about it. I live in indiana so its exciting to know u have purchased the house and also know u guys are coming here.

  152. Gayle says:

    I think the Ghost Adventures team are great guys and I wish Zak the best with this new adventure! He is following his dream/purpose and I admire him for it. Zak may be the craziest person I know – going into the Lion's Den, so to speak. Go with God, Zak!

  153. noone says:

    What makes me question the legitimacy of this story is that they said it was a legitimately haunted house.

  154. Carol Philipp says:

    Totally cool! I am looking forward to further discussion and how this pans out for Zak, Aaron, and Nick! Love the show!

  155. pennygrove says:

    Good luck, live close to Gary, love your show and hope all goes well!! Well be watching for sure!!,

  156. steven king says:

    Im from gary, indiana grew up right down the street from the house zac bought, I do a lil investiating myself, I work at custom tattoos in portage, ind, about 5 miles from that house, and our tattoo shop is haunted,, we would Love for u guys to investigate it!!!CUSTOM TATTOOS 5700 CENTRAL AVE PORTAGE, INDIANA 46368,,, good luck with the house hope u get the answers we wanna know!Love ur show,, keep up the great work,,, steven king

  157. janet says:

    For the Ghost Adventure crew: Hope you know what you're doing. You obviously have nerves of steel and probably a strong and healthy belief system. Hope the mightiest of archangels accompany you in your encounter with spiritual enmities.

  158. rose haught says:

    What got you started on hunting ghost

  159. Tracy says:

    Ever since I seen you on TV I knew you were going to get in to deep with the dark side. And it's going to hold you for along time. Unless you change it. Just be careful! Hold God in your heart and mind!

  160. Laura Tosseng says:

    While you are here don't forget about the old Lake County Jail where Dillinger escape that place has some good stuff it would be good for your show good EVP's I was touched now they say there are shadow people there because they are restoring ability…. Like you said it stirs up The spirit when you mess with the foundation

  161. Elaine says:

    I think anyone should be able to get the answers that their looking for. However, this is a very, very dangerous pursuit. People have not returned from this particular venture. I sincerely hope you are well prepared for this adventure Zak.

  162. barn j says:

    Wow what a scary thing. I heard about this house just the other day. You should come to traverse city michigan and check out the tunnels under the old state hospital. Scary scary place.

  163. sillykhan says:

    Please be very careful. We want you alive. I am big fan of the Ghost Adventures. Please take extra precaution.

  164. Thomas says:

    I'm wondering if zak, nick and not least, Aaron will visit and investigate some of central alaska's most haunted places. If so… That would drum up new fans. Fans =ratings. Ratings equal more shows.more shows= zak's answer he's been searching for, and the moment all us believers have been waiting for. The ghost that zak seen and started the original ghost adventures team. We the fans will be here watching zak when it happens . Much respect for the team from your fans in. Fairbanks, Alaska.

  165. Mike says:

    Im so ready ! Ive seen things in my life and lived in a house where the ceiling came down because whatever lived in that room was angry because it was being held in that one room by a womans spirit that dominated the rest of the house. I want someone to figure out how to communicate with the other side. Maybe someday I will find out what was going on in that house.

  166. Carolyn G Harkleroad says:

    Good Luck Zak, I know by the show, that you are always up for an evil adventure.

  167. paula olds says:

    are you going to document everything,even if your by yourself? we want to know,'nothing more exciting than answering the unknown.

  168. Susan Kenworthy says:

    Hello, my name is Susan Kenworthy and I am a paranormal investigator with more than 20 years experience. I am the Founder of G-Comm Paranormal Investigators located in Zanesville , Ohio. I have been following this story since it aired on Jan 29th, 2014. I am also a huge fan of the GAC since 2008. I would love the opportunity to visit the newly purchased property or even help GAC with finding the answers to the questions that plague us as paranormal researchers. I would love to hear from you…!!!

  169. Tracy says:

    I love how yall make Aaron investigate alone… He is so funny… Love the show… never miss it… and really looking forward to the new season…

  170. Oswald J says:

    I love your show, but I gotta say, y'all crazy. I've seen my share of ghosts & I NEVER wanna see another.

  171. Ann Marie Hagen says:

    Hi,im one that just loves everything about what you do Zak,i can communicate with spirits and ghosts,i can even hear them when they talk,and then also see them,i can also sense when someones gonna pass,its sometimes a curse to have that gift,cause some spirits are asking for help to cross over,snd sometimes its children,but my Daughter and i go out to Ashmore Estates on the Air tight bridge out there and we get readings all the time,its fun.

  172. Trish says:

    Hey Zak congratulations on your purchase…i truly hope you get your answers with this home…it would be interesting to find out, hope we all can see you do investigations there…well be safe everyone i love your show i can't wait to see some new ones because i have watches your other ones so much i can almost recite them….lol….ok be safe to all…!!:)

  173. Jessie says:

    I hope he survives this encounter with that evil entity because demons that possess innocent children are very dangerous and non to mess with! God bless and protect you Zak! Pray before entering the house!

  174. Jenny says:

    Delicious! Deliciously scary and intriguing! I hope there is a lockdown and we can all experience "The Portal to Hell."

  175. Pamela says:

    Sooo exciting!!!

  176. ray LAPUMA says:

    if i had a chance i would do the same you go ZAK!!

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    I know you love all those things, Zak..but beware.
    I hope you aren't taking on something you may come to regret.

  179. beau culwell says:

    If the truth is to be found.I believe that the Ghost adventures crew will be the men that find it.No matter what it takes.Even if its there own lives.We all have are sacrifices .But how many are willing to accept them.I know of only three men.Good luck gentlemen!

  180. Patsy says:

    Why don't you have a live investigation in the house for everyone to see ? Let people tweet into the live show ?

  181. bonnie says:

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  186. katiuska says:

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  187. KY Girl 30 says:

    Omg…I cannot wait for the new season premier on Feb. 15th…And yes please GAC…Do an episode on the house in IN….

    -Pamela Daniels, KY

  188. Yolanda says:

    No, please don't investigate this house. I love this show and it is very entertaining. I also believe in a higher power as well as a "lower" power. I've read this story elsewhere, and I'm not interested in having anyone else get hurt from this house!

  189. Tom Spalsbury says:

    I cant wait !

  190. CHERYL says:


  191. Dave D7 says:

    I hope he got a good deal on the house.

  192. Jennifer Comstock says:

    While I would hate for anything to follow, possess, or hurt Zak. I love the show so if this house is investigated on GAC, I being the loyal fan that I am will watch. I would love to see how Zak handles this on a day to day basis. Film your daily life in this house and what you see, hear and feel. You have the equipment, the cameras. You have Nick, Aaron, and Billy to help. Let us in so we can see how you handle or deal with "The Portal to Hell" house day to day. It would be like a paranormal reality so to speak. While I do believe in the paranormal and have experiences myself, to those who don't believe or put you guys down. You can fake raw, unedited reality! I do love the show have not missed one yet, I even watch the reruns. You never know I might have missed something the first time. Love you guys! You keep hunting and I will keep watching!

  193. Yesika says:

    Hey, how are you guy's? I wanted to ask what your motivation is to go inside a ridiculously haunted house. -Lots of love and props from one of your biggest fan!

  194. Linda says:

    I want to see him move in! Stay awhile!

  195. Clintdog84 says:

    This reignited my interest in the GAC. I'll be watching.

  196. Steven Lord says:

    I love watching your shows is it worse then Bobby Mackey's music world or Washoe club and Winchester house. When you were at The Winchester house you guys stop at 1 a.m. That was the first
    time ever. Now you will have more than two portals….

  197. Ken Soloduik says:

    Zak – we in the frozen North have to wait for months to see your new shows on the Canadian Travel Channel and now Dugout I think it called. Where can us less fortunate see your new shows and checkou your new edition. Congratulation on your purchsae- I would like to add one thing for a hallowe'en show Elvira, Mistress of the Dark on a ghost hunt celebrity.

    Lastly I really would like tohear back from you guys(Zach, Nick and Aaron.

  198. terry says:

    he better take his bible with him!

  199. Tammy Jeansonne says:

    Dude, u think those kiddy cases yall investigated were that serious? Ur in for something thats gonna snatch yr soul right out n u will never b the same! And quit putting poor Aaron in the scariest places by himself. His reactions are funny but u can c he is scared to death. I have always watched. I have had my own experiences since a child, things u probably wouldnt believe. I had to learn how to block it. So many different things came to me for help, to hurt me and just to let me know they were there. It was too overwhelming for me, so i strongly willed it away with the help of Jesus. I warn u, if this is a fact u need to not provoke r even play around with it. Sincerely, Tammy Jeansonne.

  200. irma says:

    yes be don't now how triki evel can be. Make the love of god protect you all.

  201. Jim Prehoda says:

    I fully understand there is a Darkside. I have understood it all my life. Anyone with a Christian upbrining should at least have some belief in this possibility. Over 13 years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 Astro Cytoma Brain Cancer and given only 3 months to live. I believe these years have been given to me to bring people to God's House and have them understand that there is so much after death…On the other side I have had to take attacks from the dark side in so may ways…This is what people should expect in the face of evil. In your show, I don't notice our Father in Heaven spoken about much…however it is he and his angels that still bring the power to us to heal, protect families, and so much more (In His Name). I will be watching when you open with this…Now that our technology is so open and honest, the most negative person must TAKE A REAL LOOK.



  202. denise says:

    Be careful, the devil is serious when it comes to destroying your soul and life. Go with God and faith. He will seek to trick you.

  203. Tammy says:

    Zak, please be careful!! I'm afraid for your soul!! I will be praying for you! Nobody knows what awaits us after death it's scary to think about. Whatever is drawing you there has plans for you no doubt, be safe!!

  204. pennygrove says:

    I can't wait,I want you guys safe, but I have the same needs to know and somehow understand the truth? May God go with you and maybe we can get some real answers,I live right by there I'll be watching and waiting!!! Peace!!!

  205. Paddi says:


  206. storm says:

    What night will it actually be on tv. So we can watch investigation if any one knows email me pricelessmonents1 and let me know. I want to watch it

  207. […] Source 2: Zak Bagans buys Indiana’s “Portal to Hell” […]

  208. alberto says:

    just passed by it today the c dem recording Zac trune his face couldn't see his face

  209. Aprilrain says:

    Good Luck Zak! I watch your show and really respect what you guys do! It takes a lot of courage to face the unknown. I love in Portage Indiana near Gary and have heard a lot about this house. I am very interested to find out if the rumors are true. Be safe.

  210. irene says:

    Did anyone do a history on this? Irene

  211. Kimberly S. says:

    Hey guys, love your show; after seeing real evidence in your lock downs, I don't watch any other hunting shows. I've always been aware of the paranormal, and have several experiences myself. Many people don't believe me but I was attacked by 2 Demons when I was 17. It was the scariest moment of my life. Since that incident, I've seen more than my share of shadow figures, and full body apparitions. I believe that my experience has made me sensitive to paranormal. I don't blame Aaron for being scared of basements, especially since that is where particularly malevolent spirits tend to be. It would be a dream come true to accompany you guys on an adventure. I don't scare easily. A fan forever.

  212. Mimi says:

    I wanna come with you!

  213. carmen says:

    I lived in this house child and my sister.I was 5. She 6''it was so bad would wet my own abandoned home after couple to this day sscared of dark.saw black figure rotten teeth looking at us to open window.trouble was we slept 2nd floor no way he got up there. Castro family.

  214. tim47807 says:

    How soon will we see the house on Ghost Adventures

  215. Josh says:

    If no one has ever driven through Gary aka the "armpit of America" the GAC crew should be more worried about more than Ghosts being the only evil entities they will encounter in that *hit hole

  216. Ana says:

    Now that is creepy.3806 was me old phone number. The layout of your house looks exactly like my older sisters home she is now in.

  217. Jason says:

    This is not something that should be played around with. These are real demonic forces. The only way to get rid of them is to plead the blood of Jesus and cast them out in His name. They have no choice but to leave. I would personally burn that house down as well to the foundation and gut the foundation out. Let it be vacant and then cast it out in Jesus name. As owner I would dedicate that lot to the work of the Lord.

  218. miranda says:

    I lived a few blocks from that house and have planned to drive by and take pictures only down fall is I don't want to be arrested for snapping photos, there plenty of haunts and possessions that have very well happens here in Indiana and many are unknown because us as people are told its breaking and entering but if a house is abandoned there's definitely something and I feel for the family who was dealing with such a possession that they went crazy.never doubt the unknown

  219. Dennis says:

    Why won't they show that episode and why nick is not there? Is it because something happen at that hell house ?

  220. Kim Borders says:

    Zak, you need to be very careful regarding this house in Gary, I speak from experience. 27 years ago my husband and I bought an old farmhouse in Franklin, In which was haunted, I will not go into details here but I almost lost my mind in that house, I did lose all of my hair, which has never grown back. As I was seeking the Lord regarding the house the only impression the Holy Spirit would give me was "this house was cursed many years ago". Zak some places cannot be cleansed, because of Satan's legal right to a property. Please be very careful about this house in Gary. Sincerely, Kim Borders

  221. michael says:

    I live about 15 min away from this house and have drove past it a few times and there is a creepy feeling everytime. Cant wait to see what the guys run into.

  222. […] evil entity. An intervention by the Department of Child Services, a hospital evaluation and even a police investigation were all followed by the first authorized exorcism in the Diocese of Gary, IN, in 21 […]

  223. Kenny P says:

    Me and some co-workers visited the house today……all boarded up….but interestingly enough there are surveillance cameras set up on the house and the boards were off the basement window… we had a peek…..nothing out of the ordinary there.

  224. Rebeca says:

    Does anyone know when the episode on the Gary, Indiana house will show?

  225. Susan says:

    Zach, God be with you & the crew

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