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We’ve all done it before… Just moments before the plane takes off, we watch the airline attendants go through their routine of demonstrating the proper procedures in case of an emergency. So, where is your floatation device stored? Should you or your child receive an oxygen mask first? And where are the emergency exits near you?

Well, if you don’t know the answers to those questions, you are probably one of several people who “zone out” by thumbing through the latest SkyMall magazine or you’re one of those passengers who has to focus on wrapping up that last-minute text before the plane takes off.

Now, airlines are taking proactive steps to grab passengers’ attention with creative safety videos like Air New Zealand using sexy Sports Illustrated swimsuit models to playfully deliver the sometimes mundane airplane safety guidelines.

So we thought we’d put these videos to the test. We want to know which one of the videos below you like the best: Air New Zealand, Delta Airlines or Virgin America?

Air New Zealand’s Beauty of Safety
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Delta’s 80′s-Themed In-Flight Safety
YouTube Preview Image

Virgin America’s Safety Dance
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