Taiwan Lantern Festival

Photography by Reuters

Today marks the 25th year of the Taiwan Lantern Festival, which is celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month, and marks the tail end of the celebration of the Chinese New Year. This year’s festival will take place in Zhongxing New Village, Nantou County – the second largest county in Taiwan. 

The main theme for the festival is determined by the Chinese zodiac animal for the new year. This year’s lantern theme is representative of the Year of the Horse. The lantern – a 75-foot-tall “Prancing Horse” — will be lit up with more than 200,000 LED lights, and will be on display at the festival’s center stage, positioned facing Taiwan’s highest peak, Yushan, which means “Jade Mountain.”

Performances and parades will take place throughout the day, providing festivalgoers with a variety of entertainment. Thousands of beautifully lit indoor and outdoor lanterns will be on display in designated “Secondary Lanterns” and “Lantern Areas.” As the evening approaches, a celebratory ambience will be set as lanterns and fireworks light up the sky, symbolizing peace, prosperity and joy as people welcome the new year.

Known for its beautiful mountain views and scenery, Nantou County is also chock-full of tourist activities and accommodations for festivalgoers. From world-class resorts to exotic guesthouses, festival attendees have a variety of accommodations to choose from that are easily accessible to Zhongxing New Village using the High Speed Railway, train or shuttle bus, as well as private transportation (Note: Parking space is limited; public transportation is highly recommended).

In addition, visitors can make the most of their visit on one of Taiwan’s various tour routes that wind through the island’s villages, past temples and heritage sites, experiencing breathtaking views of lush, green landscapes such as Jade Mountain, Zhuoshui, the island’s longest river, and the Dragon and Phoenix twin waterfalls.


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  1. DBCoop says:

    These lantern festivals are truly breathtaking as they slowly ascend into the night sky and light up the heavens with the soft glow of thousands of dots of amber light.

    Thailand also celebrates a similar event each November which is called Loy Krathong. It's so exciting to be a part of it, and to watch as lighted candles on floral wreaths gently float down the rivers or set to drift across placid lakes.

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