The Trip: 2014
With less than 2 weeks to go, you’re running out of time to enter for a chance to win the ultimate trip to Spain and Morocco. So, what are you waiting for? You’ve seen the prize breakdown, heard about our hosts’ favorite moments – but if you still crave more, check out The Trip: 2014, by the numbers:

100,000 = Estimated dollar value of this year’s dream vacation

14 = Nights you and a guest will spend in luxurious accommodations, including Le Meridien Hotel and the Royal Mansour

3,829 = Approximate miles between the US and Barcelona, which you’ll fly First Class

3 = Michelin stars awarded to Arzak, we’ll also help you skip the 3-month-long waiting list for a table

8 = Miles between Spain and Morocco, but you’ll find these coastal neighbors seem worlds apart

99,786 = Occupancy of Camp Nou, where you’ll cheer on home team FC Barcelona

1 = Stay on Tagomago, a private island estate off the coast of Ibiza, Spain

124 = White marble columns surrounding the Court of the Lions in the Alhambra, Granada’s Moorish palace

All About The Trip: 2014

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16 Responses

  1. Ina says:

    I really wish to win this dream trip.I am a big fan of a travel channel,my favorite.I always like to see about other countries,to learn about countries and always dream wish I were there…I have been entering for many sweeps,but just never been lucky.Maybe this time or maybe someday.

  2. Dha says:

    This is my all time dream -to go to Spain and Morocco! I was in Spain thirty-five years ago and I went to Morocco for 1 day. My dream has always been to return. This would be such a great 30 year anniversary trip!!! Best wishes to everyone!

  3. SenecaStreet55 says:

    This IS a Dream vacation! I would savoir the opportunity to experience the cultures and and take in the differences as well as the similarities of both foreign countries in comparison to a USA luxury vacation. I just love to try new things, everything from travel to food! Thanks for providing the opportunity for one lucky winner!

  4. Debi says:

    Live in Toledo, but not Toledo, Spain. Name is Debi Mansour, but have never been to Morocco's Mansour hotel! Nice dream to contemplate. ♥

  5. Lynn says:

    I would love to win this trip, have been out of work for two years after two back surgeries, lost my job as a RN an really need a honeymoon from 10 years ago!! Need a good break! Just saying!!

  6. Dona says:

    We have always dreamed of being bleesed by seeing the beauty of, hearing the music and people, feasting on the delicious foods, experience new adventures in SPAIN and MOROCCO. Wow for 34 Years of wonderfull marriage we could never afford travel outside the states. This would be our 1st honeymoon or 1st vacation over seas ever. Winning this trip 2014 would be a blessing and a dream come true for my husband and myself. What A Awesome opportunity.

  7. Lisa says:

    I have never had a vacation, always working and taking care of my children now that they are. Much older, may be my wishes to go on a great vacation will come true. Prying! : )

  8. Luciano Villela says:

    Great trip to celebrate 35 yrs. of happy marriage in May 5th. Thank you Travel Channel

  9. Margie Forceno says:

    I love to win this trip, My husband had a liver transplant and left his job of 22yrs as a nurse. ,we moved up the mountains and I would love to win and take him for our 37th yr anniversary…. He and I could use this great get away and just relax no worries.!!!!!!!!!:))

  10. michell says:

    I wish you all could go!

  11. I've read some of the comments on here, and they are all heart tugging stories, mine is no different back n neck problems that cause a lot of pain and affect my every day of living, ontop of having ocular albinism that is effecting my vision badly now but if I was to win this trip it would probably give me a stroke, because I've never won anything even remotely as beautiful as this trip sounds. It reminds me of a Cinderella story/ negate the aweful step sisters being on the trip with me ..of course,lol.
    Yes I could see myself walking the beautiful sand beaches and watching a sunset with my baby who has never left my side through all the medical difficulties we have faced together. I wish everyone could go as well, but hopefully whoever does get blessed with this trip will share all the pictures they take while on their trip. Would like to see them. Blessed Be everyone who has entered.

    • michelew says:

      Trave channel is my favorite. I keep my tv on the tc. Adam and Andrew both have been my therapy ,my joy and my determination. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and blood clots almost a year ago. This devastated me. T stayed in the hospital for4 months,then therapy at home another 2 so I could learn to walk again. But instead of getting better I gave up. Unrealisticly thinking.I'm only 39, I'm raising my 4yr. Old grandgaughter,I'm gonna die. When the doctors realized that I was determined and in my right frame of mind, they discharged me with in home therapy. Wouldn't come out my room for no reason, wouldn't eat nothing.just lay in the dark all day and night. When my son would come in the morning to give me breakfast,he woul turn my tv on. In because I am tc's #1 fan he would turn it there. I would turn over to watch those shows. My depression got WORST when I lost my job for being out to long.11 years, only took 1vacation,did 160 hours every two weeks and they do this.lost everything except the roof over my head. At this point dying would have been great. I reverted back. But would watch my shows. My son took my tv down stairs. He said ma your only 39 and a fighter. This is not u. Think about dariyona. Which before that moment I really didn' first I wouldn't get up,but then I was missing my shows. I prayed about it,got up and slowly went down stairs. I did that everyday because he wouldn't put it back in my room. I fell down the steps a few times but to see different parts of the world through Andrew's eyes I wished I could be there with him without the bugs. And Adam, I am an awesome cook in want to feed him plus he's ever so gorgeous. Tv gave me a purpose,reason and determination because I had to watch them everyday and tape then so I could watch again. So here's to Adam and Andrew for being my therapy,getting me off the walker and saving my life when I didn't care to save my own.

  12. michelewhitworth says:

    Travel channel is awesome and a life saver. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 8 months ago and almost died of blood clots in my legs and lost of part of my vision. Because of extensive rehab to learn to walk again . I also lost my state job of 11 years. And I care for my 4 year old grandgaughter. If I could tell somebody my testimony they would think I was lying. After 3months in the hospital I Came home n gave up.wouldn't eat,bathe or sleep to much. Depression took a toll on son would come in the am fix my breakfast and turn my tv on. On TC. He said I see u turn over to watch that. I did the next best thing watched Andrew and Adam Rich man's also me shows. When he saw I would watch tc after a while my son noticed and took my tv out my room. It was all I looked forward to each day. I had to learn to walk again with in home therapy. I couldn't wait on him once a day. So I prayed about it and each day I struggled to get to that tv. I fell down the stairs a few times but I was determined to watch my shows. At home alone most of the time I had no other choice. My whole spirit was different watching TC. Each day my strength got better and better until I was able to not walk with a walker anymore and get back and forth up and down the steps . Some days it would hurt bad but I did it. Now I don't need any help in my day to day life or therapy. Well my travel channel therapy. I've worked in juvenile detention for 11 years only one vacation 4 years ago. I'm in dier need for one and I pray to GOD that I win this trip. Thanks Andrew and Adam for saving my life when I didn't think to or even cared to save it myself.

  13. Donna says:

    Has the winner of this trip been announced ?

  14. Judy says:

    love, love this trip..heaven sent

  15. Tony Viet says:

    Awesome trip, many thanks

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