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He’s traveled the world as the TV show host of The Amazing Race. Now Phil Keoghan shares a few helpful tips he’s picked up along the way that travelers should know when planning their own next great travel adventure.

Tip 1: Always bring important documents and information. This should go without saying, but in the craze of packing it’s easy to forget the essentials: your passport, emergency funds, a second form of ID, credit card and a list of emergency medical numbers. Keep this info in a safe place, like a money belt, while you’re traveling.

Tip 2: Pack items for the moments you’ll want to kill time. Pick your choice of one or all of the following: a good book, a good movie, puzzles and/or your favorite tunes.

Tip 3: Bring a journal. Take a moleskine diary — like Ernest Hemingway did — to document highlights from your trip, as well as to add contacts and keep items like ticket stubs. This is basically a tactile account of your journey that no Facebook page can match.

Tip 4: Don’t waste any travel opportunity that presents itself. Sure, it’s wise to bring a list of recommended restaurant, activities, shows, adventures, highlights and attractions, but also be spontaneous and open to new ideas.

Tip 5: Bring your own nutrition pack. Always have your own trusted ways to keep your calorie count up. So pack your favorite energy bar(s) and be sure to take a water bottle with you to stay hydrated when heading out for a day of sightseeing or some other strenuous activity.

Tip 6: Bring a First-Aid kit. It is imperative to have your own basic medications and treatments always available. Make sure to include liquids to replenish your electrolytes.

Tip 7: Don’t forget necessary sleep aids. Bring a comfortable neck pillow, earplugs and an eye mask so you can shut out the world when you need to.

Tip 8: We know you’re not going to forget your smartphone to take snapshots and video to help capture special moments while traveling. But don’t forget to bring your universal (and portable) charger, either. Or you can go the opposite route and leave it at home if you want to unplug and stay off the grid. It’s up to you.

Tip 9: Bring UV protection. Always plan ahead and be prepared with sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and SPF clothing.

Tip 10: Bring a sense of humor. You’ll be surprised how much a sense of humor will get you through anything and ensure you have a great time!

– Phil Keoghan, World Traveler and Host of “The Amazing Race.”


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  1. DBCoop says:

    Thanks for all 10 essential travel tips from 'Amazing Race' host and world traveler Phil Keoghan.

    Travel tip #11: When traveling outside of the US, don't forget to read up on tipping policies for the countries you'll be visiting. You'll need to know when, if and how much. Then you won't need to worry about over tipping or even worse, under tipping.

    Along with that info, always carry a list of any prescribed medications with you, and pack medications in their original prescription bottles.

    Eyeglasses? Take a spare pair — just in case.

    All packed? Ready for the good, the totally rad and the lovely? Let your next great travel adventure begin, even if it's from your favorite armchair, tuned in to the Travel Channel! After all, half the fun of traveling is dreaming about it.

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  3. Maggie C. says:

    One other tip! Always carry Kleenex or individually wrapped hand wipes -you never know when you will need to wash up!
    And smile and keep and open mind – everyone doesn't do things the way Americans do and part of traveling is learning how the rest of the world works.

  4. Chechepie says:

    Be confident, Be kind, Be happy, Be adventurous, Be Careful, and most of all Be in the moment… Thanks Travel Channel for giving us the world…..

  5. Ralph says:

    These are great tips and I'm delighted to learn these tips. I often travel around and to my travel experience more joyful I'm looking forward to follow up these tips. Thanks.

  6. Antonia says:

    Wonderful Tips to have a nice journey. There is lot of things to learn and make our trip interesting. If we follow these tips there will be no issue and our trip will really be full of enjoyment.

  7. Wonderful Tips for a nice journey.

  8. thanks for amazing info, it's help for me.

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