Unwind from the cold and escape to the islands. Enter to win an amazing trip for 2 to the Philippines! Your $10,000 adventure includes first-class hotel accommodations with 2 nights in the island-nation capital of Manila, 2 nights in one of the world’s most beautiful islands of Boracay and 2 nights in the grand resorts of Cebu. Winners will experience the ultimate island getaway, including a lavish spa treatment and wondrous snorkeling in the crystal-clear, tropical blue waters.

Consisting of over 7,000 islands, the Philippines is the perfect place to bask on super-white-sand shores and explore an underwater paradise. Visit White Beach in Boracay, which is consistently ranked as one of the world’s best beaches, and explore wonderful reefs and diverse marine life off the coast of Cebu. Indulge in the national Filipino dish of lechon — delicious roasted pig — which locals say is the best in Cebu. Home to spectacular sights of the Chocolate Hills and rice terraces, the Philippines allows you to marvel at both natural and man-made structures.

Check out more Philippines destinations and enter now for your chance to win!

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20 Responses

  1. anonymous says:

    if your going to insult him, at least spell his name right-Zimmern, not Zimmerman

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is the worst site ever, you advertise a chance to win a trip to the Phillippines and when you click enter now, it does not provide you anywhere to enter an email address, name, state anything….. what a joke !! And this has happened before as well. I for one will be unsubscribing.

  3. donbcms says:

    I'm in complete agreement with Anonymous about entering the sweeps?? That goes for this new one as well as ALL through the last "Las Vegas" one?? What the HE_L, is wrong??

  4. JPS says:

    I also can't get to the entry form. With the Spain trip, I entered fine and got a "thank you for entering" message. With this contest, I keep answering the trivia question right and it take you through a series of things, win a baseball cap yada yada, but never to an entry form. Is it because you have to share on Facebook to get to the entry?? Please advise!

  5. James Douglas says:

    I do not have Facebook involved with entering. The chances of winning are very slim, but what contests do you have a good chance in winning? I never won a travel cup or a baseball cap which you would think because they are cheap, they could turn a few loose every now and then. The entering process is time consuming , but somebody has to win. I really like the photos that come with each contest.

  6. imamixednut says:

    I entered also…and have several times. Don't know why those people are having issues. AND I wish someone would delete "ASShole's comments. You can definitely tell they are not watching their website comments….
    I'd LOVE to go to the Phillippines. I too have entered 100's of these but like you said someone has to win….I just wish once in awhile it could be me. I do hope whoever is winning needs/wants and deserves these prizes, cause I feel like I do with all of the volunteer work I do after my REAL job. Oh well, love life!

  7. AnnHunt says:

    Oh I would love to go to Philippines! I've been dreaming one day I'd go and bring my husband with me but we can't afford it right now. We both work but enough to pay the bills…we could use a real vacay and this is perfect! I've been there twice when I was a little girl and enjoyed it very much. Aaah…the tropical weather, beautiful waters, coconuts…and the food…yum!! It would be surreal to go back…and to be with someone I love the most would be a perfect vacation, so pick me…pick me!!!!

  8. barbera says:

    you advertise a chance to win a trip to the Phillippines and when you click enter now, it does not provide you anywhere to enter an email address, name, state anything….. what a joke !! And this has happened before as well.

  9. Burton Tankel says:

    My beloved Wife is from the Philippines and we were married there on November 7, 1964. We'd LOVE to spend our 50th anniversary, as a second Honeymoon, there and also visit her Family. PLEASE LET US BE THE LUCKY TWO!

  10. Joy says:

    well, Phillippines is really an amazing place to visit and if a trip to Phillippines is found at free it is like icing on the cake. People will undoubtedly go for it. There are several tourist places around the globe and Phillippines is one among the leading ones. For more you can visit http://www.indiabydriverandcar.com

  11. julianne voit says:

    I'Ve never been out of the country , so this would be a great experience.

  12. leigh mccurdy says:

    im back wating to win this trip thanks

  13. leigh mccurdy says:

    my older sister took care of me when we toured Vietnam to entertain the troops in a all girl band I would love to surprise her with this trip

  14. HUGH ROB ERTS says:


  15. leigh.mccurdy says:

    I would love this trip so please keep me in mind

  16. leigh.mccurdy says:

    don't forget me

  17. leigh.mccurdy says:

    I am awating your phone call for this wonderful trip thanks

  18. I like this info! It's very helpfull.

  19. Cindy Raley says:

    Happy vaca yall ! I will be at Mid Pines Inn with the Chef working.

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