Poveglia IslandYou might be able to spend a night in one of the world’s most haunted places: Poveglia Island, Italy. That is, if Italy gets its way and a luxury hotel developer places the highest bid. Until then, the island with a long, sordid history of illness and death is up for sale. The question is: who would take on such a place?

In season 2 of Ghost Adventures, the guys investigated Poveglia Island … with some terrifying results.

The GAC was drawn to Poveglia — a small, uninhabited island right off the coast of Venice — because of its reputation. In 1348, when the Bubonic Plague arrived in Italy, those who were infected were quarantined to the island, left to die and be burned on giant pyres.

Later, in the 1800s, it was turned into a psychiatric hospital, and in the 1930s, a demented doctor conducted grisly experiments on the patients there. He later threw himself from the island’s bell tower after being driven mad by the spirits of his former patients.

Watch a recap of that memorable Ghost Adventures lockdown, and decide for yourself if you’d be willing to own such a place:


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  1. Mary Walz says:

    How much is Poveglia Island going to be worth? It would be awesome to build a Hotel out of the structure that is all ready there and maybe perhaps a Haunted Attraction where there is live ghostly hauntings. It would be awesome to make a little vista there with shops, hotel, and some haunted attractions like a ghost tour. Canal rides in between the island and around the islands. That's what I would do with it.

    • jax says:

      Yes. A haunted attraction. That's a FANTASTIC way to show respect for the hundreds of THOUSANDS who died there. How very humanitarian of you….

    • Attlantica says:

      I'm sorry, I can't think of anything worse. Would you do the same with Auschwitz ? No, I didn't think so. This would be just tacky, and utterly disrespectful.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you want to be honored & remembered with a smile or with tears? I'd say smile…. A haunted attraction is a perfect way to honor the died people, with a positive vibe to it… Definitely don't hold on to all the bad things that happened there (or anywhere else), it won't do any good… that only attracts bad memories, bad energy and bad spirits… Changing the negative into positive is always better…

  2. Carrie says:

    This would be a dream to own. I love ghost and definitely would turn it into a haunted attraction!!!

  3. crazdsniper says:

    surprised they never turned it into a prison

  4. Nikki Ray says:

    To scary for me to even buy it would be a good attraction for tourists with a imagination for ghosts but why spend alot of money to buy it if everyone will be scared to DEATH LITERALLY (creepy)

  5. Bobby B says:

    I bet this would make a great attraction! Wish I could buy it!

  6. Crystal says:

    Ok to turn this into a "attraction" is a terrabile idea!! How would you like people coming in and basically destroying your home and made your spirit a amuzment park? Plus there is bad spirits there who would have a hay day with the living. It should be bought and left alone.

    • jinxeam says:

      Frist of all No one is living there. And second I think the spirits will be pleased if someone lived there.

      • Crystal says:

        Spirts live there i know no one lives there in a physical form. Im saying if your dead and stuck there how would you like it. I sure hell wouldnt.

    • tarah says:

      I so agree with you!!! Why bother the spirits that are there? Just let them rest in peace!

    • Eva says:

      Thank you so much!! I find it such a shame that people woud want to add an atraction or turn the left over hospital structures into a hotel. If i could buy it i would just leave it as it is and maybe come in once a year to keep the island clean. I hope whoever bought or buys it is sensible enough to be respectful to the lingering spirits.

    • Devil says:

      If it was ever made into a attraction I would go on a killing spree on the turist to add to the flavor eat them till I would get caught heheh

  7. John T says:

    When you pay Poveglia,would you LIVE on the island or just visit,once in a while.

  8. Ruben says:

    Ghost adventure you guys should come to lake elsinore we have plenty of haunted places here

  9. Mike says:

    Poveglia is my dream ghost hunt!!!! I hope they don't build a hotel! Leave it the way it is. There is to much history of the place. If the Italian government is in debt start having ghost hunts there. They will make enough money by doing that

  10. kfinn says:

    I would love to walk around the island, so many lives lost. I would love to buy this island and bring it back to a beauty state and do some good…on their island

  11. sharonwozniak says:

    Opening it as a Hotel with private tours sounds cool. But think about the liability insurance you would have to get in case someone is hurt. There are too many stupid people in the world that would do stupid things. Maybe open it as a private museum.

  12. Liam says:

    I'd just keep it as it is and investigate myself and occasionally allow other teams. Best way for all that energy left. It would be amazing to own such an historic island

  13. chance94powers says:

    I would leave it as is if I bought it and rented it out for ghost crews to check out. The way the structure stands now is a story itself and I'd hate that to be taken down.

  14. Charlie says:

    That island should be left as it is. Very bad idea to change it around.

  15. mercedes dominguez says:

    It is good to be haunted but there are places where poltergeist exists and I wouldn't like to sleep in a hotel that would throw me into a wall and hurt my body. If it was to be made into a tourist attraction, there would be only one reason I would stay, Only if the hauntings were friendly and not aggressive.

  16. By their plans dates in designs &developments on a Luxury Hotel-Spa*5stars, or whom owns it will be plagued to be a horror scenes series like 666* in current interest trends! By a public place on location as Disney.com, &, or,from a little park by Luca alla Parc IL Pinocchio isn't enough these days!

  17. Holli says:

    It was actually season 3 they went to Poveglia Island and my god I think I'd have a ball staying a night there scared to death ( no puns intended ) but definitely have fun

  18. Jmeebly says:

    Povaglia Island was by FAR GAC's best Episode!! I wonder what the crew thinks of it going up for sale??

  19. GAC Fan says:

    GAC should buy it and leave it alone so nobody can disturb the spirits there. Did anybody see what happened when GAC was there? These spirits suffered enough in life, why should they be tormented in death by a bunch of tourists looking for a scare.

  20. Erik says:

    It should be left as is!! Maybe try to renovate foundations to keep it standing and safe then sell trips fire paranormal investigators and urban explorers! I friggen dream of this island!! I want to go there more than anywhere else in the world!

  21. Vix says:

    I tell you now if they knock it down and replace with a new hotel it will for sure be active because them spirits will not be happy.

  22. Indigo says:

    If I were able to own it, I'd live there, and take off all the inside doors so the spirits could come and go. I don't think I could ever presume to summon them, or ask them to come, but I would make a wekcoming place for those energies to come and rest there.

  23. rhonnie says:

    You'd think it would piss off the spirits if you turned that place into a hotel… but, I hope Zak Bahamas buys it!!! I'd have to come visit lmao.

  24. Shayne says:

    To own such a place would be a heavy burden. No, this cannot become a hotel/ haunted attraction. A negatively charged entity could have drastic influences on a living human being. Let's take the insane doctor for example… that entity could affect another of the living, and that person may commit suicide, even if it were without reason. Also, Zak's possession was something dark, and had probably been an angry entity lying in darkness for years, and Zak was an open host. Provocation likely did not help. Many other angry and negatively charged entities could lurk here.

  25. Shayne says:

    ALSO- GAC, I've got a place you could look into. Well, there are a few places here in Philly, PA that no one expects to have hauntings, but listen. There's a place here called Daisy Fields, where no one seems to have looked into the history of It, but the place is crazy. Believe me, I've been there. Don't go at night. It's safe during the day, but at night, something comes to life, and it doesn't want anyone to leave. Also, there is a closed-down resturaunt across a man made river that is said to be inhabited by a demonic entity. Anyone who gets too close has stones chucked at them, forcing them to leave. My brother got hit right on the back of his neck while we were running away. And finally, there's the abandoned house two blocks from where I live. We went in once and there were pentagrams everywhere, like a satanist ritual house! We heard moans, I saw a partial apparition and we were out. I later looked up pics and you could see faces, one of them with horns, and a partial woman figure that you wouldn't notice if you weren't lookin for it. These photos were google map street view photos. Looking at them revealed figures and faces, and sometimes a dog. We never returned, but I think it's perfect for you guys. The house is built on a place called Germany Hill. Philly, PA, area 19128. Check it out, please.

  26. Massimo R. says:

    Poveglia an Island of the Lagoon of Venice is being rent at auction!

  27. Massimo R. says:

    Poveglia an Island of the Lagoon of Venice is being rent at auction!
    The Island which belongs to the Italian State will be rented for 99 years in these days, and it's possible that it will become another wellness centre. Venetians would love to partecipate and pay the necessary amount to keep it and they are asking people to join [on Facebook] in order to collect the money and partecipate to the acution.
    Will you partecipate?
    In a future I think that a nice idea could be to open an International Centre of Research for Paranormal and Quantum Mechanics studies, but this is onlly a dream at the moment!
    the most important, urgent act is o save Venice and collect the money to help Venice to keep its Island! Thank you for all the coming aid from the world.

  28. Deke says:

    As reported by The Daily Telegraph, a spokeswoman for Italy’s state sales agency declined to put a possible price on Poveglia but Aol Money reports the island could fetch the Italian government around $841 million. The auction is to start May 7 with no guide prices.

  29. kyle burgess says:

    Id love to know how much this thing would b. Email me the response sephirothpureevil@gmail.com

  30. jennifer says:

    Would love to stay a night at a haunted hotel. I remember that episode and that's one scary place.

  31. johnny says:

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  32. Piyush says:

    Nice post Amanda. Even I once tried to buy a heritage property in Rajasthan which was haunted but the owners were too scarred to sell it. Though would love to visit Poveglia Island in my next euro tour.

  33. Earphones says:

    nice post and good experiences on travelling

  34. mukhana leviticus says:

    that is all fun wonder why Italy can't come up with due wanted sum we interested that's business man it really works

  35. […] on it’s own little island, oh…and it’s totally haunted. I want it. Check it out here. Anyone wanna go in on it with me?? hehe […]

  36. Ketil W.Grevstad says:

    I think they should make a tourist tour there and people could stay the night on the Hotel. I think many people would stay the night there and see if they see a ghost.

  37. Erin says:

    I want the island! Someone contact me asap! Ive been waiting for this island and it would be a great addition to my haunts. I want to live there! Build a home and leave the bell tower and buildings the way they are. Maybe replace the roofs to get it together better. Please contact me. No need for a hotel and putting innocent people in danger if they dont know about the demons that dwell there. I want it the way it is just a bit cleaner, mow the grass, keep up the grounds and open it up as a once a year attraction. Mainly I want to live there!

  38. Teddy Bare says:

    Travel Channel should buy it as it gave so much to them – then allow the locals to enjoy it. (And Wolfe Manor too.)


  39. It is a wonder the Island isn't included in the Venice ghost walks they run. A new Tourist/Paranormal enterprise ? I am guessing it will not become a Paranormal /ghost theme park,

  40. John says:

    Poveglia is beautiful, about midway between Venice and Murano (where the actually make all that famous glass that's somehow attributed to Venice. I toured a glass blower's factory there, and they had been blowing hand-made glass for over 400 years in that location. It will make a beautiful development, so long as they don't change it too much. But there is definitely room for a "ghost reserve" where the spirits could be left in peace.

  41. Deborah Hartwell says:

    Leave the place alone. There are more places to visit to get scared. That place is sacra religious and should be well enough untouched again. I think a new venture is out there and should be explored like the last comment . Pastor hartwell

  42. Kapt Baddass says:

    If I bought that place, the first thing I would do, is make all the female spirits take their clothing off (Italian chicks are hot). Then, I would drop hundreds of gallons of deodorants and disinfectants from the sky (Italian chicks are smelly). After that, idk what I'd do. figure pit a way to fornicate with all those fresh smelling hot Italian chicks, I suppose.

  43. Kapt Official says:

    I forgot, I would also pass out single edge razors to all of that fine dead tail (italian chicks are hairy), running around on my new island. Yes, I understand the danger in this, but still, its worth the risk. I'd rather put the lives of my employees at risk (italian lives aren't worth as much as American ones), then have a bunch of manky ass ungroomed (and not to mention crazy) foreigner bitches running around on MY island. Y'all MUST be crazy!

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