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From the Coachella music festival to an ancient fertility ritual to the White House Easter Egg Roll, there are lots of celebrations to be had in this week in photos. But the fun doesn’t stop there, let’s get to our weekly travel blog roundup.

Johnny Jet has the scoop on the one airport to avoid this summer (if you can).

Want to go on the ultimate Nashville vacation? What to eat, drink, see and buy according to Music City-native Camels & Chocolate.

Skift presents the airplane seat design that could end the battle of the armrests.

If you’re headed to New Orleans for Jazz Fest this weekend and looking to try the best Po’ Boy, look no further. Eat Your World suggests a deep-fried seafood po’ boy from Parkway Bakery & Tavern.

World of Wanderlust presents 6 reasons to visit Italy in the spring (as if you need that many).

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  1. dorothywillfred says:

    This is so exciting! I'd like to visit New Orleans Jazz Fest. It seems to be really fantastic. But I have to do reviews on uk writing reviews cause a lot of clients are waiting foe our help!

  2. i bought my ticket today. 6 weeks in europe. im staying part of the time with family friends.. they offered to feed me and give me a place to sleep part of the time. so im wondering ~ how much money do i need to take? seeing museums and food. All Inclusive Travel Deals
    i already have my eurail pass squared away i just am not sure how much besides that – i will need.
    2,000 US? less? 1,000 US?

  3. Converting from RM is it expensive to travel to Japan and stay for a week?
    The shops in Harajuku,Shibuya(109) and Akihabara expensive? Exclusive Travel Deals Online

    I'm an otaku, i will be expected to go to Akihabara.
    Also i love fashion! Especially Aomoji style.
    Is the fashion items/flight/daily expenses for a week will be expensive?

    I just turned 19 and i expected to travel there in early Autumn.
    Ps. travel for 2-3 person.

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