On this week’s episode of Hotel Impossible, host Anthony Melchiorri heads to Myrtle Beach, SC — the golf capital of the world — to keep the Brickwedde Family from letting their hotel go under.

To save the Waves Hotel (formerly the Carnival Inn), Anthony sets out to upgrade the look and feel of the building by enlisting designer Leslie Segrete to fully renovate the lobby, remodel the inside of the elevators and completely revamp one of the guest rooms to serve as a guideline for the rest of the hotel. Will Anthony be able to help the struggling Carnival Inn and bring peace of mind to the Brickweddes? Or will the Carnival Inn succumb to its mounting problems and drag down its owners along with it?

Check out exclusive photos of this season’s renovated hotels.

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42 Responses

  1. Alyse DeWitt says:

    Love the show ! Miss work in the hotels, Wish I work for you !!! You care for people!!!KEEP DOING WIH YOU DO!!!

  2. Mike & Jean Santoro says:

    We saw the show and we were impressed with the owners interest to do right for the people they serve. It isn't easy trying to make it next to the big guys. We give them a lot of credit for doing so. Since the shiw was an eye-opener for them and a great learning experience, we would not hesitate to recommend this place now to anyone. Next time we stay in Myrtle Beach we will make reservations to stay there. The owners won us over with their willingness to please all and provide the best that they can to make everyone safe and comfortable. Good luck to them and may they have much success and happiness in their future.

    • Keira Harmon says:

      I just watched the show myself and had the same thought. What amazing people, can't wait to stay :)

  3. ArmyWife82 says:

    I live 2 hours from MB, will check them out next time we go for a weekend.

  4. Dinah T says:

    I tried to locate "The Waves" in Myrtle Beach online. There is no website or other info for a hotel by that name. Instead I found a website for the Carnival Inn and Suites at the Beach (still renting condos next door). Then there was this: "Welcome to the Carnival Inn and Suite at the Beach Property Management. We are one of the very few remaining family-owned Mom and Pop hotels along Myrtle Beach’s famous Grand Strand. We have been here for nearly 40 years and our family and guests have been vacationing here since we opened in 1974." This sounds like old info from the previous owner (who's been gone 2 years). These statements, plus a whole website exists, but the show said they don't have one. So, they're not using the site donated by Pegasus Solutions, but have one that has outdated, false information. Why in the world would they not use the new name millions of hotel goers just saw on tv? Talk about the power of free advertising! There's a story here. I'd love to hear it. Anyone know anything?

    • Larry K. says:

      I don't think they could use the new stuff/name until the show aired.

    • Nicole says:


      My name is Nicole and my Uncle Dewey is one of the owners of the Waves Hotel at Myrtle Beach. We had to wait to use the new website until after the show aired! As of yesterday afternoon, the new website has been released! Feel free to check it out. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. All links can be found on the NEW website! :) http://thewaveshotelmb.com/

  5. kila says:

    Just searched for the Waves Hotel, nothing came up on google… what happened to the new website?

    • Nicole says:


      My name is Nicole, and my Uncle Dewey is one of the owners of the Waves Hotel at Myrtle Beach. The new website was just launched yesterday afternoon! Here is the link: http://thewaveshotelmb.com/

    • Pam says:

      My apologies! I tried to click 'Like' but it was thumbs down. I tried to change it but it wouldn't let me – said I already voted. I meant to let you know I agree. I too couldn't find the Waves Hotel with a search. Maybe because its new????

  6. Karen says:

    I also tried to find their website but I couldn't find it! I really hope that hotel succeeds because they have invested so much!!

  7. WillWitt says:

    As the contractor who worked with Hotel Impossible in Myrtle Beach. http://www.wittgeneralcontracorsinc.net or http://www.myrtlebeachremodeling.org
    We had a great time, is it was fun and I hope everything goes well for them and I'm still here to do whatever needs to be done. Anthony , Leslie, and thier crew were great to work with.We would love to do more for them in the Hotel Impossible series,thank you for the opportunity and God Bless,
    Will Witt

  8. A Robson says:

    website – cannot find it??

    • Nicole says:


      My name is Nicole, and my Uncle Dewey is one of the owners of the Waves Hotel at Myrtle Beach. The new website was just launched yesterday afternoon! Here is the link: http://thewaveshotelmb.com

      They had to wait until after the show aired before releasing the website. :)

  9. DJB says:

    What's going on here. Can't find info about The Waves

  10. Clang says:

    No the area well. We stayed at The Patrica Grand near by, I wish this family the best

  11. WCHjr says:

    Just finished watching last nights episode and it's 2:30 on Tuesday and still no Waves Hotel website. Not a great way to start a new chapter guys……hopefully they haven't bailed out since January when the show was filmed.

  12. Marna says:

    Same here. Just watched the show and it's 4:30pm Tuesday and still can't find the website. Makes you wonder if owners haven't already sold the place. I will look next trip to MB to see if the building is still there.

  13. Marna says:

    Response to questions and concerns:
    Yes we are keeping the name, "The Waves Hotel at Myrtle Beach". That was the full name that Anthony suggested and we're keeping it. We had to keep the Carnival Inn until the show aired, so now we're in the process of migrating hotel reservations into the new system and web page; this should take about 3 days.
    The old Carnival Inn web page is http: http://www.suiteatthebeach.com which will continue to manage the condos; the new Waves Hotel web page will be http: http://www.thewaveshotelatmb.com which will manage the Hotel. Thanks for the comments, and to everyone I want to say: Thank you Anthony to you and your whole crew for all the hard work that you did. They were wonderful and Anthony was great! A special thanks to Leslie, Lisa, Madeline, Josh, Scott, Enrique, Carlos, Edwin, Chris, Nicole, Leigh, Nick, and so many others. You have given us a second chance, "Thank You!"

    • niki says:

      Me and my family just stayed the weekend there beach side on the 3rd floor,which by the way was beautiful but if you guys renovated the rooms like the 2nd picture its false advertiment our rooms bedding looked nothing like that and we had to go next door to the best western to get ice due to the ice machine being broke

  14. Impressed says:

    Great …wish u well …looks so good on TV….

  15. Veronica says:

    We go to Myrtle Beach every summer. We stay at the Best Western Carolinian next door to the Carnival Inn. We are very familiar with the hotel. It is our hope that this family can stay in business. My husband and I love the show Hotel Impossible. If anyone can help turn a hotel around it's Anthony and his crew.

  16. Ray says:

    We come out in Oct to surf fish stayed here because it was cheap but not a clean family vacation. I hope they take the advice and run with it. cleanliness is priceless.

  17. Nicole says:

    The new website for the hotel has officially been launched as of yesterday afternoon! http://thewaveshotelmb.com/

  18. patsy says:

    Website not working…

  19. […] out well for the Brickwedde family, the hotel’s owners. Before and after photos on the Travel Channel blog confirm that things are much […]

  20. Heartbroken says:

    I have stayed at the Carnival at least yearly since I was 5 and I am now 40. My family has always stayed in the duo room on 4th floor. I am watching the show right now and I am having a very hard time with it. I'm not sure I can finish watching. I knew the day would come that we would have to find another place. It has been my second home and I am deeply saddened by this. Yesterday was 10 years since my favorite aunt passed away. We made so many great memories at that hotel. Thank you to the Schmidts for all the wonderful years you served my family. To the new owners, good luck in the future with whatever you do. I am in mourning but I understand your position. Goodbye my special home away from home, you will forever remain in my heart.

    • Marty says:

      I feel your pain. I know what it's like to see a favorite vacation spot fade away into motel heaven. Ours was in Panama City Beach and due to the real estate boom in the 90s and early 2000 it was demolished for a high rise condo. I have SO many fond memories of the time I spent there with my family. I wish I had a time machine to go back to those treasured times. I'm 51 now and I'm so glad they didn't have cell phones or video games or the Internet to rob the time I spent with my dad fishing, boating or just walking down the beach. I feel sorry for the kids today because they don't know what they are missing and later down the road it will be too late.

  21. SC Native says:

    I grew up in Florence and my family has time shares in MB so I always looked at MB as a second home. However, I do feel like the area is being over commercialized, making it very hard for the small businesses to survive. I am happy to see a business that is fighting the "hard" fight!
    As noted by prior post who is the family's relative, the website is http://thewaveshotelmb.com
    and is live and active!!
    (she said they had to wait for the show to air before they could start the new site)

  22. joeJ says:

    website very buggy – lots of crashes on reservations – I hope they get it working – seem like nice people

  23. Rory says:

    Good luck on keeping this hotel open ! Great people,I am going to make a trip just to contribute to keep this going ! How many rooms are at this hotel ?

  24. safety first says:

    I love the enthusiasm shown by the owners but am very annoyed that they are advertising at least two of the rooms with photos containing the drapes that went up in flames. I would not stay here knowing that even with the knowledge anthony shared guest safety is not priority! !!!!

  25. lynn says:

    I also was appalled to note that the new photos reveal the owners have not removed all flammable drapes from the hotel! Nothing has really changed unless regard for human beings' safety trumps all else. Also, why isn't this a non-smoking property in its entirety? Smokers cause fires and endanger everyone's lives w/ second-hand smoke!

  26. Stephanie L says:

    It's May 9th, 2014. The only thing I can find on The Waves is on Hotel.com. Even following the guide, no site exists. After all of that work, why would they not get the site up? I was looking for a place for a long weekend, but chose another since I cannot find any recent proof that they are still open. Sad, would much rather have given my business to mom n pop place. But since we are coming from Orlando, I am not trusting my $ and our trip to a secondary site and not know what we are getting.

  27. Life over $! says:

    The NEW pics on Hotel.com CLEARLY show the same fire danger curtains that were burned in the show! Seriously! I would never knowingly stay in a place that has no regard for the KNOWN endangerment to life!

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  29. v w says:

    Y ou can find it by typing "the waves myrtle beach"…its still there!! Yayyy

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