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According to the “Guinness Book of Records,” Prague Castle is listed as the largest ancient castle in the world. It is the official residence and office of the President of the Czech Republic.  Inside the Prague Castle Complex, the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Vitus dominates the skyline and houses the Archbishop of Prague.

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  1. DBCoop says:

    It's well worth a whirlwind visit to Prague even if you were only able to wander the Castle complex and the Cathedral of St. Vitus. Impressive would be a major understatement.

    Then there's the Bohemian Crown Jewels. Unfortunately, they are safely and permanently stored in the cathedral and displayed only on rare occasions such as the 80th anniversary of the Czech Republic in 1998. But who knows — if you can get the seven key holders together to open the vault's seven locks, you might have the opportunity of a lifetime to view those priceless crown jewels.

  2. this post is so great, thanks!

  3. BoHoHotel says:

    This castle is amazing. From our hotel in Prague it is very easy to arrive there.

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