On the season finale of Hotel Impossible, host Anthony Melchiorri is in Glenwood Springs, CO, to help hotel owner Josie Fit get out of the laundry room and assume true leadership of the 45-room Glenwood Motor Inn.

Upon arriving at the property, Anthony is pleasantly surprised at how clean the exterior is. But after further inspection, Anthony discovers a very small, cluttered and drab lobby, outdated guestrooms and filthy guest bathrooms.

To help the Glenwood Motor Inn reinvent its image and drum up more business, Anthony brings in designer Blanche Garcia to create a new lobby and to upgrade the décor in the guestrooms.

Will Anthony be able to open Josie’s eyes to the business side of things, or will her stubbornness keep her in the laundry room and cost her the hotel? Find out tonight on an all-new episode of Hotel Impossible.

Check out exclusive photos of this season’s renovated hotels.

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9 Responses

  1. Barbara says:

    Enjoyed this episode and fell in love with the Polish owner and her love of
    'keeping rooms clean! When visiting this Colorado spot, I'd love to stay
    at her hotel and have breakfast next door at the'best breakfast spot in town.'
    Love this show!

  2. socalchat714 says:

    It looks like the owner is still using the scuzzy bedspreads. http://glenwoodspringsinn.com/?page_id=7

  3. QuiltedBunny says:

    I have never wanted to hug a person through the screen more than Josie!!!!! She is the most hardworking, passionate person giving everyone a five star service of cleanliness! If I ever go to Colorado, I'm going here for her bounty fresh comforters!!! I don't care if they're white!! You wish people like this existed more. Wish she had more help and appreciation. People like her belong in the hotel business, and less businesspeople that would care less about their rooms cleanliness if it didn't cost them. Josie, you are a beautiful human being!!!

  4. Paul Long says:

    Enjoy the perfect family destination of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The hotel is just steps away from all of the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park action. Come relax and unwind with your family in one of our spacious family suites. Value-priced rooms, specials and packages offer an affordable choice for your family vacation.

  5. Doc holiday says:

    Staying here now. I recommend. Lots of space and clean.

  6. nice colorado hotel, thanks for good info.

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