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We apologize for the interruption in our regularly scheduled posting, but while we’ve “sunset” This Week in Photos, our weekly travel roundup isn’t going anywhere. Here are some of the top stories shared around the Travel Channel offices this week.

The World Cup has been buzzing in the background at Travel Channel HQ and the workdays are punctuated by cheering from cubicles. Some employees aren’t as fortunate, however, and in China they’re taking to more extreme tactics to not miss any of the action. With a crushing 11-hour time difference – meaning the daily opening matches start around midnight — Chinese workers are buying fake doctors’ notes to play hooky. According to NPR, the more money workers are willing to pony up the more authentic the excuse: 50 bucks even gets you an ultrasound, CT scan, blood or urine test to back up your “diagnosis.”

In other news, “love locks” collapsed part of the Pont des Arts footbridge over the Seine in central Paris, Reuters reports. The padlocks, left by couples who’ve tossed the keys into the water below to symbolize their eternal love, have been left at bridges all over Europe for the past 5 years. While Paris has not yet banned the locks, Bruno Juillard, the city’s head of cultural affairs, said in a tweet it “confirms that our desire to find an alternative to these locks is a real necessity.”

For your weekly dose of royal spotting, it looks like the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister is joining an 8-person cycling team for Race Across America. According to People, Pippa has signed up for a grueling, 3,000-mile charity bike ride from Oceanview, CA, to Annapolis, MD – continuing the Middleton tradition of displaying athleticism for a good cause.

We’ll leave you with this viral gem from resourceful passenger, Richard Dunn, who after a flight delay, was stranded in the Las Vegas airport overnight. With an iPhone and a lot of time on his hands, his amusing music video to Celine Dion’s version of the power ballad, “All By Myself,” has already racked up hundreds of thousands of views. Even Celine Dion herself called it “hilarious and very touching.”

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