It’s official – summer is finally here (well, this Saturday, to be exact)!  Now you have roughly 13 weeks or 95 days to take advantage of all the best things about summer, from food-fueled road trips to rooftop cocktails to lazy beach days. Don’t have a plan yet? Get inspired to create your own list with our 7 summer must-dos.

1.)  Sleep in the trees.

Spend all day and all night surrounded by nature this summer. Fulfill your childhood dreams of sleeping in a treehouse with a suspended tree tent, just one of our summer must-haves. Or if sleeping on steady ground is more your style, treat the family to glamping in Yosemite.

 2.) Dig your toes in the sand.

It wouldn’t be summer without a lazy weekend at the beach, complete with plenty of sunshine, a good book or playlist and absolutely no agenda.  From the best beaches on the East Coast to California beach getaways, pick your coast, pack your suit and go.

3.)  Watch a movie under the stars.  

For a cheap night out this summer do what the locals do — from Chicago to London – watch a movie under the stars. What could be more romantic then snuggling up to your date at these outdoor movies on a beautiful night?  Best part? You can bring your own popcorn and wine.

4.)  Sip rooftop cocktails.

Watch the sunset with 360-degree city views and a refreshing gin and tonic in hand? Sign us up. Rooftop bars, with breathtaking views of  Washington, DC’s National Monument to Athen’s Acropolis, are incredible places to watch the sun go down.

5.) Scream on a roller coaster.

If a heart-pounding roller coaster ride is your idea of summer fun, there’s no shortage of new amusement park rides coming out this summer. The one everyone’s abuzz about? The world’s tallest waterslide Verruckt (that’s German for insane) that opened this summer at Schlitterbahn Water Park.

6.) Travel for food.

Hungry for a road trip?  Fill up the tank and start driving towards the coast for one of summer’s must-eats: fresh seafood. Hit the Mid-Atlantic shore to catch blue-crab season. Or if Old Bay-seasoned crustaceans aren’t whetting your appetite, a drive along coastal Maine in pursuit of fresh lobster rolls might.

7.) Take a dip.

When the thermostat tops 90 degrees, dive into one of the world’s coolest pools. From oceanfront infinity pools to pools perched over a rainforest, these ahh-inspiring places to take a dip will leave you thinking, “Beach, what beach?”


Tell Us:  What’s on your summer to-do list?


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6 Responses

  1. DBCoop says:

    On the topic of fun Summer To-Do Lists:

    1. Sleep in the trees? Between them, yes — in a comfy hammock, mosquito and critter net in place — definitely. But not too high, please. I don't want to have to use a zip line to get back to terra firma.
    2. Dig your toes in the sand? As long as it's on some exotic tropical island beach, my toes are in, all (counting in process) ten of them!
    3. Watch a movie under the stars? Please provide lounge seating, popcorn, appropriate drink and a remote control to pause the action for any necessary breaks in the action.
    4. Sip rooftop cocktails? Sure — rooftop will do fine. So will patio, cafe terrace, basement rec-room, restaurant dinner for two or kitchen countertop bar stools.
    5. Scream on a roller coaster? No thanks — but any other amusement park ride will do. No screaming, however, on the merry-go-round horses unless you're under five years of age.
    6. Travel for food? That's certainly one good reason. Actually, I'll travel for any reason — and if I have to make one up, I will.
    7. Take a dip? I've never met a pool I didn't like. (Well, maybe the polar bear plunge at the zoo.)

    I'd like to add a few other important summer options (in no order of personal preference) to the list:
    8. A relaxing cruise to anywhere, or nowhere for that matter. Just go and enjoy.
    9. Head for the hills. Or the mountains. Go for a weekend, a week or month-long vacation cabin getaway. Relax and smell the pine trees. The world can wait.
    10. Here's an easy one: A day at the spa and a night on the town. Who deserves it more than you do?!

    Smooth sailing, this summer and always.

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