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Calling all bargain hunters! Clear out your trunk and round up some cash for 127 Corridor, better known as “The World’s Longest Yard Sale,” which starts today and continues through Sunday.

This annual “mother of all yard sales” typically begins on the first Thursday of August and includes 4 days of thrifting ‘til your hearts content.  It starts in Addison, MI, and stretches for a whopping 690 miles along US Highway 127 to Gadsden, AL. Over the past 26 years, this mammoth yard sale has doubled in size across 6 states, with great finds including antiques, collectibles and furniture.

While hunting for trash-turned-treasures, yard sale-ers can soak up the flavor of each region sampling the local homemade treats and entertainment. When you can’t possibly squeeze anything else in your car, the fun doesn’t have to be over — keep an eye out for quirky roadside attractions along the route.

If you’re one of the yard sale lovers that will set out on this treasure hunting pilgrimage, here are some tips from our sister blog, Design Happens:

– Expect to be stuck in traffic. Narrow roads + lots of cars = having to wait patiently.

– Bring cash. Bring more if you’re looking for large furniture pieces. Bring more than that if you’re looking for true antiques and valuables.

– Bring a measuring tape. Also, measure any spaces at home that you may be looking to fill.

– Ask locals where to eat. Some of the better eats may be off the beaten path.

– If you see something you like, buy it. Otherwise you may be thinking about the one that got away all day.

Don’t worry; there are still plenty of bargains to be found after this weekend, too. Check out our World’s Best Flea Markets to score more great finds.





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  1. Della says:

    I would LOVE to RV all over the US for Travel channel doing flea markets. It's like a different world. Now that's a show idea, I'd watch it. It'd be better than pickers.

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