Summer is coming to an end, and still there are 41% of you out there who don’t plan to use all of your PTO (paid time off) before the end of the year. But why are we so reluctant to hit the road for a little fresh air? The U.S. Travel Association released a survey of 1,300 employees and business leaders, and their findings explain why Americans take so few much-needed days of rest and relaxation.

So what’s our excuse? Well, there are a few. Of the employees surveyed, 40% don’t want to come back to a mountain of work that’s piled up in their absence. Meanwhile, 35% believe that no one else could do their work, and 22% are afraid of giving the impression that they’re replaceable.

But while our fears might be keeping up from clocking some beach time, the benefits of PTO shouldn’t be underestimated. From the survey, 65% said that PTO improved their concentration and productivity, 61% said it made them more satisfied at work and a whopping 85% said it made them happier in general.

Now what? Let us help you plan that long overdue trip with a little travel inspiration, from these Weekend Travel Ideas for Families to our picks on Where to Travel in September. And while you’re at it, enter our sweepstakes while you still can for a chance to win $10,000 to plan a vacation you can’t say no to.

What are you waiting for? Go tell your boss you’re going to taking a few days, and breathe a little easier!


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  1. bobrzik says:

    Not everyone likes to take their vacations in the summer.

  2. Kesehatan says:

    I like vacation in summer

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