Maybe it’s the end-of-summer blues or the back-to-school stress, but with 3 incidents involving airplanes’ dwindling legroom over the last 2 weeks, something is putting travelers on edge these days.

Last night, a Florida-bound flight was diverted when an argument broke out over a passenger’s right to recline her seat. Last week, a flight to Paris was diverted to Boston when a man was charged with interfering with the flight crew during another fight that broke out over reclining seats. And just a few days before that, yet another disagreement erupted when a passenger tried to use a “Knee Defender,” a device that keeps the seat in front from reclining.

We all know that planes can be pretty tight, and when you’re in for a long journey, it can be difficult to keep the mood light. But as a reminder for your next trip, here’s a refresher on Airplane Etiquette, and to help you handle the stress of flying in close quarters, check out our Coach Class Travel Tips.

And don’t miss our Money-Saving Travel Tips, so you can cut a few corners on other aspects of your trip and splurge on a first-class plane ticket. Nothing beats that extra legroom!


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  1. J. Hunt says:

    I tore my knee up on United, trying to get around a reclining seat, & not bother the sleeping woman. I've got to remember, it's dog eat dog in the cheap seats, whether you walk with a cane like I do or not!

  2. Hipjackets says:

    Perhaps its the end-of-summer soul or the again to-class stress, however with 3 episodes including planes' diminishing legroom in the course of the most recent 2 weeks, something is putting explorers nervous nowadays.

  3. Panerai says:

    I've got to remember, it's dog eat dog in the cheap seats, whether you walk with a cane like I do or not!

  4. shophairplus says:

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  5. Perrin says:

    Like J.Hunt above, I also totally wrecked my knee on a flight in the same way. It didn't help that I was transporting my dog in a dog carrier. This problem is just crazy. Do you really care that much about profits to pack us into a plane like a bunch of dogs in a kennel? End of rant! And thanks for these tips :)

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  8. taylorepskamp says:

    I'm always tempted to argue with the individuals that recline their seats, but after reading this post, kind of glad that I haven't. I wish they would bring back the foot room! Especially for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis, those long plane rides can be a giant pain.

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