Ryan Van Duzer and Arthur Hsu hold an Avery Brewing Co mug with beer

Host Ryan Van Duzer at Avery Brewing Co in Boulder

Travel Channel’s digital video producer Arthur Hsu traveled to Colorado to film one of our newest original series, Microbrew Madness, launching next week on travelchannel.com. The new web series will take viewers on a journey to discover the best craft breweries in America. Having traveled many times before to Colorado for his passion sport of bouldering, and now to film Microbrew Madness, it was the perfect time to catch up with Arthur to get an “insider’s” look at the city fondly called “the city nestled between the mountains and reality.”

What brought you to Colorado?

I was producing the last webisode for Microbrew Madness, at 2 great craft breweries, Avery Brewing Co in Boulder and Verboten Brewing in Loveland, with host Ryan Van Duzer and producer Andrew Robertson. We have been working on this project for nearly a year, starting off at Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, FL, so it’s bittersweet to see this wrapped up. The craft breweries we’ve filmed are in destinations that offer much more than just tasty craft beers, and based on the crowds during the 2 weekdays we filmed, the locals agree.

Ryan Van Duzer on a bike

Ryan Van Duzer at Avery Brewing Co

What were your expectations while filming?

Many friends of mine have extolled the beauty of Colorado and especially Boulder, and as we drove near the city, I could see that everything I’ve heard is true. The area is an outdoor adventurer’s dream. With so many breweries in Colorado, it was difficult to pick just 2 to film, but both were well regarded and the beers we tasted exceeded my expectations.

Ryan Van Duzer in the DeLorean

Ryan Van Duzer checks out the DeLorean

What were some unforgettable moments?

During the week spent in Boulder, there were many unforgettable moments, such as having Ryan, “the vegetarian,” eat meat for the camera. Also, while filming at Verboten Brewing, we encountered a group called “The Verboten Sisterhood” that holds weekly gatherings at the brewery. They usually have educational sessions, but this time they had a contest to find the pickle that would be used in a future India Pale Ale, known for being deliciously bitter and hoppy.

We had a lot of fun filming at Avery, as well, and we got an opportunity to use a DeLorean. I won’t reveal how it was incorporated, but there’s only 1 classic use of that vehicle, so you could probably guess anyway.

After we finished production, I stuck around Boulder to visit friends through the weekend. I got in some climbing, Go-Kart racing, tubing down the Platte River and drank a few more craft beers.

Ryan Van Duzer near the Flatirons

Andrew Robertson shoots Ryan Van Duzer near the Flatirons

Do you have recommendations on things to do in Colorado?

Obviously, with over 200 breweries in the state, you have a seemingly endless supply of great craft breweries to visit and more than a few brews to sample. It’s a great way to meet the locals, but Colorado offers a lot more, especially if you’re an adventurer or cyclist. If you have only a short time in Boulder, be sure not to miss hiking the Flatirons. There are many trails, and it’s literally a few minutes by car from downtown.

 Any tips for planning a trip to Colorado?

Be sure to pack some outdoor gear. I brought my climbing shoes and board shorts for any unexpected activities. I always travel with a dry bag, usually to hold my dirty laundry so it doesn’t stink up my carry-on, but on this trip, I used it while tubing the Platte River with some friends. It’s useful to keep gear such as wallets, phones and clothes dry. And remember to bring an insulated growler with you so you can bring home beer. You’ll have to check your bag at the airport, but it’s worth the hassle.

Arthur Hsu with his insulated growler

Arthur Hsu with his insulated growler of Verboten Mango Mongo IPA

Watch a sneak peek of Microbrew Madness:


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  1. Guest says:

    Yeah for Verboten brewery! Great little brewery with really nice owners. They have been open for just over a year and have won awards at the World Beer Cup. If you are visiting Verboten, make a day of it and visit the other Loveland breweries… Grimm Brothers, Loveland Ale Works, Crow Hop, Big Beaver, Buckhorn…

  2. Pat says:

    We are looking forward to the Micromadness series!

  3. Great article, looking forward to the show

  4. Sondy says:

    Yay for Verboten! You deserve every kudo out there. Great beer and friendly, hospitable and happy owners!

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    Got to try it!! It looks awesome.

  6. Thanks to all involved! We are happy to be a part of it.
    David @ the 5 Seasons

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