Gramercy Park Hotel

Designers, models, photographers, bloggers, DJs and the world’s most stylish celebs descend upon New York this week for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. While everyone’s looking for the next big thing to hit fashion, we’re searching for the most stylish hotels in America’s fashion capital — New York.

In honor of Fashion Week, we’ve rounded up boutiques in the Big Apple that ooze with style.

The Ace Hotel

With its unconventional vintage- and music-inspired design, this turn-of-the-century midtown Manhattan hotel is a hipster haven and a budgetista’s dream: you can rent a bunk bed here starting at $169 a night. With the money saved on your room, you can invest it in your fashion choices — the more of-the-moment you can get, the better.

Gramercy Park Hotel

Creative minds and style icons have rested their heads at this landmark hotel for nearly a century — smartly dressed actor Humphrey Bogart was a fan. A mix of hotel and art museum, it has a rotating collection of contemporary art from Warhol to Hirst. With amenities such as imported Italian linens and luxurious beauty products, it’s easy to wake up looking like a million bucks here, too.


Kimpton’s latest addition to its boutique hotels, Ink48 turns heads with its sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline and just-as-striking industrial chic interior. With a nod to the city’s literary scene, this former printing factory in Hell’s Kitchen “makes the mark” (as the hotel’s tagline says) with fashion-forward décor, floor-to-ceiling windows and on-site restaurants Print and the Press Lounge.

The Standard – High Line

Straddling the High Line, New York’s hip outdoor park perched above the Meatpacking District, is the even hipper, 18-story Standard Hotel. Take in the breathtaking views of downtown Manhattan and the Hudson River with the rooms eye-opening floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows. The hotel’s discothèque and rooftop bar Le Bain is the “#1 place for Fashion Week nightlife, “ according to


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  1. I'm really interested in staying at the Standard the next time life or business takes me to NYC. I've seen some pictures which showcase the view that you can get in several of the rooms there, and it's incredible! I have read that some people are a little weary of the sheer amount of wall that is window in these rooms (which does make it much easier for people to see inside), but that's what drapes are for anyways. When traveling, you have to appreciate a hotel that offers free WiFi and a rooftop club! So I have to ask which one of these hotels is your personal favorite?

  2. Parks says:

    Wow………Really superb decoration !!

  3. Like a hotel, succes bro!

  4. Seems like royal suits with all of the facilities Really sophisticated room.

  5. It is a very nice hotel and looks like a very luxury hotel. Thanks to you for sharing this awesome hotel.

  6. CDG Airport says:

    My experiences at this hotel have always been extremely satisfying, from the moment I walk through the door…

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  9. I an fond of travelling and always recommend boutique hotel to stay. This is really very nice to stay in NYC. Thanks for sharing these beautiful boutique hotels.

  10. sildalis says:

    The Standard Hotel looks very nice. I'd wish to spend some days viewing Manhattan and the Hudson River from the room's eye-opening floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows.

  11. That's cool article thanks for sharing this stuff

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