On this week’s episode of Hotel Impossible, host Anthony Melchiorri is in picturesque Palermo, Italy, located on the island of Sicily, to help the Hotel Solunto Mare  and its owners from losing their piece of prime real estate overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

After his initial walkthrough of the Solunto Mare, Anthony can’t seem to understand why the hotel is struggling; that is, until he comes across the banquet room. Anthony feels that the banquet room is ugly and outdated, and fails to feature its best assets. To help give the Solunto Mare a fighting chance, Anthony enlists the help of designer Casey Noble to revamp the room so that it plays up the hotel’s exquisite views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Will Casey and her team be able to impress Anthony, and reawaken the general manager’s passion for the hotel before its too late? Or, will Anthony’s Italian gusto not be enough to save this diamond in the rough? Find out tonight on an all-new episode of Hotel Impossible at 10|9c.

Check out exclusive before and after photos of this season’s renovated hotels.

On this week’s episode of Hotel Impossible, host Anthony Melchiorri heads to Myrtle Beach, SC — the golf capital of the world — to keep the Brickwedde Family from letting their hotel go under.

To save the Waves Hotel (formerly the Carnival Inn), Anthony sets out to upgrade the look and feel of the building by enlisting designer Leslie Segrete to fully renovate the lobby, remodel the inside of the elevators and completely revamp one of the guest rooms to serve as a guideline for the rest of the hotel. Will Anthony be able to help the struggling Carnival Inn and bring peace of mind to the Brickweddes? Or will the Carnival Inn succumb to its mounting problems and drag down its owners along with it?

Check out exclusive photos of this season’s renovated hotels.

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On this week’s episode of Hotel Impossible, host Anthony Melchiorri visits the scenic Catskills region of upstate New York to help hotel owners Al and Kathy Guart save their property, the Catskills Mountain Lodge, from going under.

To save the Catskills Mountain Lodge, Anthony enlists the help of designer Leslie Segrete to update the guest rooms and transform the activities room into an attractive and valuable addition to the property. Will Anthony and his team be able to keep the scenic hotel from being buried by the weight of its own problems?

Check out the exclusive photos of the renovated hotel.

Arctic Man

Arctic Man

From Alaskan cuisine to winter sports events and hotel restorations, escape to Alaska with Andrew Zimmern, Adam Richman and Anthony Melchiorri this Sunday on Travel Channel from 2|1c to 7|6c READ MORE

Photography by Barnsley Resort

Visit Barnsley and take a step into a real-life fairytale. Built by Godrey Barnsley for his wife, Julia, Woodlands Manor (now Barnsley Resort) stands as a lifelong expression of one man’s devotion.

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Photography by La Sultana Marrakech

Relax in the traditional hammam, unwind in the balneotherapy baths or take a leisurely swim in the turquoise pool, pausing to float and gaze at the gently swaying wrought-iron lanterns suspended from the vaulted ceiling.

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Photography by Mandalay Bay

Call it the ultimate pool party. Ensconced in the immense Mandalay Bay’ Resort’s 11-acre aquatic playground, Daylight Beach Club encircles a sexy pool.

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Photo Courtesy of Lewis Johnson

“For the 8th time in my career, I’ve witnessed the power of the Olympic spirit, not just on the field, but in the ability to unite people from across the globe. We come together, work together and find our common ground as humans, despite our language, culture, religion, etc. The fear, concern and safety of visiting Russia was replaced over the past couple weeks with smiles from thousands of volunteers, including one man I met when I first arrived, who said to me in broken English, “This is the new Russia and I hope you enjoy your visit. We are open to the world and we welcome you.” I felt that and I will be back to Russia.  You should come see for yourself.

Cosmopolitan is a word that fits what I experienced here in the mountains above Sochi, Russia. I stayed in Krasnaya Polanya and it’s only a 5-minute walk away from Gorky Gorod Mall with more than 10 restaurants and bars. The mall is not only home to several brand name stores, but there is also an indoor beach on top floor with sands imported all the way from Dubai! You have to see the wave pool, water park and volleyball courts. It’s simply amazing!

Photography by Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels

Designed to evoke feelings of peace and serenity, the Andaman Sea retreat offers a unique mix of active and relaxing pleasures.

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Photography by Hotel Marqués de Riscal

It’s well worth the drive into the Basque Country’s medieval village of Elciego when the purpose is a visit to the stunning Frank Gehry-designed Hotel Marques De Riscal.

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